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Yet Another Workbench Newbie...

Sun, 18 Sep 2016 20:01:33 GMT

Finished my workbench build today. It's a sort of over-complicated-because-a-newbie-built-it english bench with a laminated top and a flush front surface (ie. the front apron's flush with the legs). I stole that make-your-leg-nearest-the-vice-bigger idea that Christopher blogged about a while back too. Doesn't have a tool rest yet, but that's planned for later as an add-on at the back. Currently sporting a Record 169 planing stop holder, a Record 53A monster of a front vice (not kidding, I can physically clamp myself in the vice and I'm not a small chap), a veritas inset end vice that just this morning survived having the best part of 500lb of wood, metal and me dropped on it (I tried to stand up under the bench to lift and carry it to the shed - it did not end well. The vice didn't even flinch though and still works perfectly. Very impressive bit of kit that), and a pair of gramercy holdfasts. Made from the scabbiest, nastiest, knottiest 2x4 lengths of rough white deal (it's not worth even calling this stuff pine) that the builders merchants had to offer, all now soak ing in a 50/50 mix of BLO and turps. Full build log here : http://www.stochasticgeometry.ie/category/woodworking/workbench/ [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:vlOv:2016091813.52.24a.jpg.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:gfCW:2016091813.52.34a.jpg.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:klp4:2016091813.11.42a.jpg.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](2016091813.52.24a.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:1bwD:2016091813.11.56a.jpg.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](2016091813.52.34a.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:KkCY:2016091813.52.40a.jpg.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:qqPn:2016091813.14.08a.jpg.jpg) [2016-09-18 13](//muut.com/u/lostartpress/s2/:lostartpress:A1Th:2016091813.53.12a.jpg.jpg)

Dan Arnott
Mon, 19 Sep 2016 11:58:03 GMT

Very nice! Let us know how that inset vise works out. My bench build is stalled due to a baby in the house but I plan on using one as well.

Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:51:06 GMT

BTW, I wrote to veritas to tell them you can drop 500lb on their vice handle and it won't blink; they responded by sending me a new screw thread, unasked for, free of charge, just so the vice would look its best in the bench. I mean, it's a small thing I know, but small things like that deserve to be noticed these days. Nice one lads.

Martin Jones
Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:51:24 GMT

Good for them and good for you! Great bench, enjoy it in good health! Mj