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I have a daughter who is 22

Fri, 06 Apr 2018 22:12:35 GMT

years old. 9 months after she was born I was re-diagnosed with lyme disease and newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My original diagnosis with a positive titer and an arthritic knee was in 1990. I had been put on 10 days rocephin. Come to 1996 my main symptom was optic neuritis in both eyes. I also had other not so noticeable symptoms. I was diagnosed by a neuro optimologist at Valhalla medical center as having lyme and dr Patricia coylE neurologist at stony brook as having both lyme and ms Looking back, no one ever evaluated my baby daughter. I would not be interested in this topic if my daughter didn’t show peculiarities and manifestations that I have read about lyme. She was born 10 days late at 19” 8 lbs. relatively unremarkable birth. However, she consistently beat her milestones like she was on overdrive. Upon her 2 year checkup she had not grown at all (she had always around 5% on growth chart). Her father is 6’ and I’m 5’ 4. She was sent for testing after being labeled with failure to thrive. At 5 she was treated for lazy eye She was diagnosed with abicuspi d aortic valve at age 14. She has been raging for years. Her intensity and the sense they she isn’t “there” has been going on since she was 4,. She also has never slept well and continues to have this issue to this day. She has recently been diagnosed with bipolar. She has a tiny stature and I’m worried for her. I do not know if you have any suggestions