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Welcome Back

Chris McClellan
Tue, 08 Sep 2015 09:02:02 GMT

*We have a lot of new members this semester, and are looking forward to many excellent rapid-learning workshops, meetups, and events (and not to forget, Makers Fair). We have some exciting new announcements in store. Our First Meetup will take place in _Charger Union lobby, 7pm Wednesday September 9th_. Bring a friend, grab some coffee, and get ready to discover a hive of like-minded individuals*. — THE NEW WALL The new discussion wall provides a way for users to easily interact with the site. Users can share updates, ask questions, and collaborate on their passion projects. We've made some new improvements for improving interaction. Users can now login using Facebook or Google+, witness currently active users via their green indicator dots, and remain up-to-date on marked posts. In addition, all posts can include photos, and now fully searchable. More to come. - chris