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Support for GitHub paths?

Tony G
Mon, 15 Aug 2016 20:02:57 GMT

I just found MDE while looking for a replacement for Haroopad. As a .NET developer I'm very happy to see this is .NET FOSS. While not a WPF guy I still appreciate the ability to view/contribute some kind of source. Anyway, I maintain an extensive collection of wiki pages in a Github repo. I use a tree structure like this in Windows: root > images > category > > details In Github Markup (GHM), a reference for (text)[link] returns any pages under a folder or sub-folder, without path info - they flatten out the hierarchy for rendering even though the path structures are maintained internally. Whereas when editing in a remote environment, links need relative pathing: (text)([.\category\details\page]. Does MDE accommodate this difference so that we can either code as GHM expects, or toggle links in a post-update build to a GHM-compatible format? Also, for (text)[page] does MDE open a local link to I've been thinking that I might need to write pre/post-pro cessors so that I edit in Windows to get WYSIWYG there, but then modify the doc when saved or just before commit/push for GHM nuances. Thanks!

Mike Ward
Mon, 15 Aug 2016 22:46:17 GMT

I can't find the Github documentation on this. Do you have a reference?

Tony G
Mon, 15 Aug 2016 23:16:27 GMT

Thanks! (Cites issues with full integration of Gollum for Github) (Says it's by-design)