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My Experience with the All New A-Class

Tue, 30 Jul 2019 15:06:35 GMT

ZtraderX, I can see why you like your new A-Class and why you like the instrument cluster as well as the head unit. Before I set off for work, I took in my dad's 2019 E300 in for a service "A" and to have the button for the trunk release replaced. The dealer gave us an A-Class as the loaner. Up until now I liked the way the car looked and how the seats felt. I always said I would consider the A-Class as a viable option for me. Also before driving the car, I had a few questions and concerns regarding the instrument cluster and head unit. I am happy to say my questions and concerns were addressed and some are still remain unanswered. So, after driving the A-Class for a bit this morning, I have mixed feelings regarding the instrument cluster, the head unit and the overall user interface. My mixed feelings can be applied to the GLE and any upcoming Mercedes in the near future. Compared to some of the other head units I have experienced (Mitsubishi, Infiniti, VW/Audi and BMW to name a few) the Mercedes head units are easy and simple to use and this head unit is no differ ent. Everything is placed in order. My issue is with the overall user interface and that is I can't comfortably reach the screen from my seating position. Maybe that is in part that it is pushed closer to the dash compared to other touch screens that I have used that are somewhat at eye level and is within a comfortable reach. As I said this is pushed closer to the dash and that is a design flaw. It was a distraction to use while driving. A couple months ago I was in a Mitsubishi Outlander and the screen was at eye level but was close for the driver to use. I did not have to reach to use it. The touch pad was nice and responsive. My only problem it kept thinking that when I tried to write the number 1 it kept thinking it was a lowercase "l" or a number 7. The touch pad on the current C, E CLS and S are better with recognition. I am going to miss the knob. The voice activation has gotten a lot better but sometimes makes mistakes. My other complaint would be the menu toggle for the HVAC. When you press it, it automatically prompts you to use the touch screen when choosing air flow. I did not care for that. As for the instrument cluster, what Mercedes has for the C, E, CLS and S Class is better then what the A, GLE and what will be on future cars. I feel like you get more choices. However, I did like the full map display. What I mean by more choices I am talking about the C, E, CLS and the S-Class. So, for example on said sedans, when you opt for the digital screens you get Classic, Sport and Progressive themes and to my eye the progressive look is the better of the 3 and you can customize it any way you want. With the new look, not so much and that is a problem BMW has. One concern that seems to be not a concern anymore would be the sun glare. While driving there was minimal sun glare. I would be interested to see how much comes from the rear or when the sun roof is open. As for the A-Class, I am having a hard time finding any flaws with it. The buttons and switch gear feel great and will last a 100 years and the seats feel comfortable. Typical Mercedes. Much better than the CLA. That being said the headrests don't go all the way down and they are somewhat in the way of rear visibility. But it is manageable. Lastly, I think it is still a viable option for me. [Instrument cluster 1](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s1/:mbcaforum:MPHZ:instrumentcluster1.jpg.jpg) [Rear seat 1](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s1/:mbcaforum:b7gB:rearseat1.jpg.jpg) [A-Class Please Wait](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s1/:mbcaforum:BEi5:aclasspleasewait....jpg.jpg) [Head Unit 1](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s1/:mbcaforum:0SbM:headunit1.jpg.jpg) [Rear seat 2](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s1/:mbcaforum:X31D:rearseat2.jpg.jpg) [Mitchell College Deploma](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:iZuT:mitchellcollegedeploma.jpg.jpg)

Fri, 02 Aug 2019 23:57:34 GMT

Please excuse me for asking what may seem to be stupid questions, but I live 250 miles away from the nearest MB dealer. What happened to the CLA? And why does the A Class have less horsepower than the non-AMG CLA had?

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 01:19:31 GMT

Dolebludger, the CLA is still around. In 2020 we get a new CLA.

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 01:19:44 GMT

Oh as for you other question, I am not sure.