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Today's Drive from Vacaville, California

Sat, 20 May 2023 20:57:57 GMT

Today, the group went out to Napa from Vacaville. A little traffic broke up the group but we got good photos anyway. Also threw a little video together of the group getting started. https://youtu.be/prpRxU7E4cg [IMG_4234](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:6atL:img_4234.heic.jpg) [IMG_4233](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:L6ux:img_4233.heic.jpg) [IMG_4231](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:gZ7R:img_4231.heic.jpg) [IMG_4230](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:Bq3U:img_4230.heic.jpg) [IMG_4229](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:GxBQ:img_4229.heic.jpg) [IMG_4228](//muut.com/u/mbcaforum/s3/:mbcaforum:0ati:img_4228.heic.jpg)

Sun, 21 May 2023 20:28:43 GMT

Really cool video. I'm not sure that an MBCA section has ever done a video like that. Nice pictures too.