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Maryland teams invited to VA 9u to 18u teams

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 21:36:20 GMT

I am an area director for Nations Baseball in Virginia. I am always looking for teams to play my events. Low entry fees, nice facilities, unique formats, and competitive games. Out of state teams are FREE TO STAY at any hotel property. I offer recommended locations only and have NO DEALS with hotels. Also I never charge gate fees. Most weekend events are either 3GG or 4GG. If you would ever like to take a road trip south please give me a call, text, or email. Most events are also sponsored by Topps! I will giveaway over 2500 packs of baseball cards to teams this season. Dates and locations listed at or (Click VA Tournaments) Derek Flanagan 804-721-3598 [Images7CC05GLE](//