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Classic Baseball Tournament

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 14:22:21 GMT

Attention Coaches and Summer Baseball Teams, I would like to announce the first ever baseball tournament for Classic Baseball Tournaments to be held here in Columbus, Ohio. My name is Darin Hess and I am an umpire in Central Ohio, myself and Bart Andrews have teamed up to bring you a top flight tournament. Chances are we have worked a lot of your teams as you have come through town over the years. In the last few years myself and others have become increasingly frustrated with how tournaments are being run so we wanted to design one that gives back to the baseball community. We’ve done just that Date: July 6-8 2018 Age Groups: We will be accepting applications for the following age groups- 13,14,16 and 18. Fees: Tournament fees are as follows: 13 and 14- $750 and for 16 and 18- $900 for each Location: We will be using some of the best fields in central Ohio. Olentangy Orange, Olentangy and Saint Charles (turf) just to name a few. Tournament: Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. Each team will be placed in a 4 team pod. They will play a round robin. The top two teams from each pod will play in a semi-final game with the winners moving to the finals. What makes us different? - We will reward 2 $500 on renewable scholarships to players either entering their senior year or about to head off to college - 2nd we will give a portion of our gross revenue to charity. I lost my mother in law a few years ago to Multiple Myeloma and this has been a driving force for my wife ever since and she has raised a lot of money for cancer research. - We will provide baseballs. This seem to be one of the major things coaches requested from a good tournament and we heard your request. - As an umpire we have had some great experience working along side all of you through the years and it’s our time to give back. - U13 division will play on 90’ bases and 60’ mounds. They are freshman to be and we thought this would be a unique experience Currently our website is still under construction but will be functional shortly, however our twitter handle is @classicbasebal1 I’ve attached a copy of the scholarship application, registration forms will be done online but we can send a paper one if requested. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Darin Hess 614-800-3605, or Bart Andrews at 614-832-0481, Thank you in advance for considering our tournament, we are looking forward to hearing from you and looking forward to have a great tournament in 2018!! Please call or email us so that we can get your spot reserved