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How to create this pattern?

Sat, 25 Apr 2020 12:59:35 GMT

In architectural drafting there is a common symbol for insulation, a wavy fill pattern usable in any size space. MacDraft Patterns won't work since they repeat as the space gets larger. Gradients stretch across the width (or height) of the object, but they're not patterns. So... Is it possible to create a pattern, using the pattern grid setting, such that 1 repetition of it will be just the size needed for, say, a 3-1/2" wide space at a scale of 3/8" to 1'? And then make another to use in 5-1/2" wide spaces, by using a different setting of the pattern grid? (It might be obvious that I don't know the effect of changing the pattern grid other than it gives you more or less pixels to use in creating your pattern. But how are those pixels expressed at scale in the drawing?) Thanks for any info/advice you can offer. [Insulation pattern](//muut.com/u/microspot/s1/:microspot:FkaE:insulationpattern.jpg.jpg)

Sat, 25 Apr 2020 13:22:39 GMT

In your response to my trapezoid question below you mentioned the architectural templates. I belatedly looked at them and found the pattern I want in that file. It's not really a pattern, just a collection of curving lines, but I was able to copy over the bits I needed into my drawing. I'm a little worried about the effect on memory of having hundreds of duplicates of lines making up a larger fill, but I will only be using the pattern on detail drawings which can all be in a file of their own. I'd still like to know more about the grid settings in the pattern editing system, if you have some time to talk about it. Thanks