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Maramec Spring Park 3/15

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:12:11 GMT

It was a bitterly cold start so I had most of the park to myself, which is nice since the fish tend to congregate in only 5 or 6 spots on the whole spring branch. Elbow room is always appreciated. I fished a fly under a bubble for about 2 hours to great success. I'm not sure what the fly was called because it came in a gift set for Christmas. It looked like a teal scud to me. I also tried a custom tied fly I got from midwestflies.com, called a bitch creek nymph. I didn't get any action on it but I could see it being deadly in the right conditions. I switched over to my fly rod and went just outside the park on the Meramec and I could see plenty of trout but they were skittish as hell because the water was so clear and my shadow was so apparent. I tried every which way to position myself well enough to sneak in but that only led to me tangling my fly in the try branches. I tried wading too but they were obviously onto me... I think fishing from the opposite side would be advisable but I didn't see a great place to cross nearby. Anyone have any info about that? I went bac k in the park and managed to pick up a few more in the various holes on a blue crackleback. I probably caught about 10 on the day and I was pleased overall, but I really want to hit the Meramec harder than I did. It's difficult to walk away from catching fish!!