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Fun loose leash walking with mega distraction!

Jo Duffy
Fri, 16 Sep 2016 09:03:22 GMT

Cara and I are enjoying loose leash walking playing the SOT games; still a work in progress, but so much better eye contact, proximity closeness, listening to Mama and running with cues on lead. I haven't mastered the 'Go Sniff' yet as Cara's nose touches the ground before I can utter the words...I need to rethink this game! Today's distractions began with a cyclist, so Cara jumped onto a boulder as I rewarded her for 'Nothing'.....well, it was nothing for the cyclist but oh, my, the crow that was crowing was interesting!Lol! We then saw a pedestrian coming towards us, so an A-B off the path to the other side of the road..about 10 feet..and there was no interest in the person. Jubilation from me and Cara wondering if Mama was OK!!!!!!! On the way back to our home, we both noticed at the same time a jogger coming up behind us, so we began the running, cue game to our private lane where we stopped 30 feet from the road. My thinking was DMT as we watch the person jog laid plans go pear shaped again! The jogger just happened to be a neighbour who wanted to chat an d this was the straw that broke the camel's back; DMT flew out of the window, so tried scattering treats on the ground which also had zero affect. As I reflect on Cara's arousal soaring when she heard the neighbour speaking with me, I have a couple of positives: 1) She stood and didn't lunge; 2) She calmed down instantly as soon as the neighbour stopped talking;3) I have a better understanding of what Cara's triggers are now compared with the past. I could have walked away and just appeared rude to my neighbour (he,he!!) and I ask myself why I just didn't say "Catch up with you later" and walk on but then I would never have had this feedback from Cara. New game plan: Record hubby and I speaking with people, laughing etc and then condition Cara to this is in the safety of home. Any one else have any ideas please?

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:09:23 GMT

Wow! Way to go, you two! We had a crazy walk today - too much excitement (new environment) and Benny could not handle it. We called it quits really soon (15 minutes) after he pooped. Cara really doesn't like people talking huh? Haha...I think recording talking is a great idea. Could you also record voices and talking of other people? Then you can do the noise work at home. Thumbs and toes up to you two.

Jo Duffy
Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:19:22 GMT

Thanks Jaime and yes, I'll follow your suggestion of other people! As soon as I speak with other people (especially strangers) she reacts......not everytime, but if she is excited to begin with, then we have plenty of barking! We rarely get lunging record people speaking! I so have a baby of a Collie sometimes! You did the right thing in ending the walk early so 'Keep his toes dry Benny, could calm down at home! Hugs from me and 'Don't speak to me Cara'!!!!!!! Just had a thought.....fluffy headphones for Cara?!!

Sat, 17 Sep 2016 21:02:31 GMT

What a walk Jo. Jess could do with a pair of, please don't talk to me headphones. Lol! Maybe playing our voice saying niccce! ☺

Donna C
Tue, 20 Sep 2016 04:10:55 GMT

Good walk Jo, sometimes we do need these blips to gain feedback and know what direction to take to the next level.