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rad 140 met Ligandrol en 4andro

Sun, 02 Feb 2020 03:51:54 GMT

Ik wil mijn labrat 20mg Rad 140 geven en 5mg LGD4044 geven voor 8 a 10 weken. Eerst 2 weken enkel 20mg Rad 140 per dag, dan 8 weken 20mg Rad 140 met 5mg LGD per dag. Voorheen heb ik eens geprobeerd 8 weken lang 10mg lgd en 10mg Rad140, en had als pct Tongkat Ali gebruikt. Nú wil ik er 4 andro aan toevoegen. Lijkt dit een goed/safe experiment? Wat voor pct lijkt best; Nolvadex 20/20/20(/20)?

Thu, 06 Feb 2020 12:14:37 GMT

Hi there, Seems like a good cycle and the combo with the 4 andro should be okay because it would keep your rats test somewhat higher so there will also be some estrogen conversion which is important for muscle building. The Nolva protocol is better be safe then sorry. I personally don`t need it.

Sun, 09 Feb 2020 12:57:18 GMT

Ok.... Yesterday evening i ordered 2x the bulking stack.... each pill contains 5mg RAD140, 5mg LGD4033 and 5mg Nutroball("mk-677").... I will feed my hamster two of those capsules each morning, and later in the day i will feed my hamster an extra 10mg capsule of RAD140. So in Total i will be testing results with 10mg Ligandrol, 10mg Nutroball and 20mg RAD140 per day. I have started feeding my labrat RAD a week ago today but havent been able to let it do excersises yet....tomorrow i will start with thát. As for PCT i will be useing Regenerate by Muscle Rage, which is a mix of Arimistane with some test boosting herbs. As mentioned, I have álready been feeding my hamster 🐹 20 mg Rad140 per day for the last week but without letting him excersise... I will feed him 1 more week this Rad and then i will start 8 more weeks with the bulking start of RAD/LGD/Nutroball. I will keep updates here about the testing progress.

Sun, 09 Feb 2020 13:08:24 GMT

i forgot mentioning; i will also be adding 4andro to the cycle. so 10mg Ligandrol 10 mg Nutrobal 20 mg RAD140 and 200mg 4-Andro, pct will be the Arimistane by Muscle Rage ("Regenerate")

Sat, 15 Feb 2020 10:26:14 GMT

Hi, this is a slamdunk cycle. 10mg LGD and 20mg RAD in combo with the MK677 will give some massive results. Keep us posted about the progress.

Sat, 15 Feb 2020 18:30:55 GMT

Update; its been almost 2 weeks now that ive been taking 20mg RAD140 now. Last monday (6 days ago) I started adding 10 mg LGD4033 to my hamsters cycle. Today i dosed 20 mg lgd instead of 10mg.... the RAD and LGD that ive used the last weeks where from a batch that i bought here in june 2017. Today i noticed results in the gym; more strength and endurance. The sarms are from june 2017 but they still worked! I finished the last of the lgd that i have of thīs batch today.... From thīs batch i still have 75 10mg pills of RAD140. I will give one of thése every afternoon now to my hamster. The last two weeks i also took fed a pill to it in the evening.... but starting from tomorrow i will only give 1 pill each afternoon, and in the evening ill feed it twó bulking stack pills. On top of all this, from now on my hamster will be treated with a 4andro pill in the morning and a 4andro pill in the evening.

Sat, 15 Feb 2020 18:53:05 GMT

Also worth mentioning; in the last week ive used cardarine 10mg twice during testings.... It also is good for endurance but i am wondering if it is good for adding to a bulk cycle? i revover faster during excersises with it but im worried that my hamsters callories wont be used efficiently forva bulkinh cycle..... Do you know if it is ok to ad cardarine to a bulking cycle if i want to grow muscles on my 🐹 hamster?

Sat, 22 Feb 2020 15:45:16 GMT

My siberian hamster weighed 80.2 kilo's a week ago. Today he weighs 85.4. Slightly less fat I think on his belly. I think theres also some water in the weight though. But definately feels stronger in the gym I think. Looks more healthy too. The skin on the hamster seems smoother today...possibly because of the Ibutamoren. I must say that I was expecting more strength from the total stack, but maybe I'll just have to be a bit more patient. Ive been adding cardarine the last few days an hour prior to excercise experiments... Think it works indeed well on endurance , definately in combination with the pre workout drink called ``C4`` that ive added to the stack.

Thu, 19 Mar 2020 18:34:25 GMT

Update; I havent trained my rat since saturday because of the corona epidemic... It is now thursday. I ordered a home gym which will arrive next week tuesday; an ION Home Gym 552 for 450 euros... Last saturday my kk rat weighed 88 kilo's and seemed to have less belly fat. But still...ive got 3 more weeks to grow after this week so I say my goal is to weigh 90. Then ill do a 4 week pct and try some s23 after that on the same rat.