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Earwig traps

Tue, 28 Apr 2020 17:27:37 GMT

When I started my new garden a few years ago I had a big earwig problem. Not only are they ugly and smell bad, they eat holes in my plants and mow down my seedlings. When complaining about it to a friend he suggested making traps with cardboard baited with cooking oil and some kind of grain. I cut pieces 15 x 8 inches and soak off one side of the cardboard, leaving the corrugated part, and roll it into a tube. I get them damp and put them down on the ground under the plants. Earwigs seem to like to snuggle up together and find the cardboard a nice place. Last year I collected at least 100K--really, this isn't hyperbole. Every morning I unroll them and dump the earwigs into a bucket and feed it to the chickens--who now watch me do it with great anticipation. To everyone who wants to tell me that I have this problem because my soil is bad I can only say that I'm working on it as hard as I can. But this year, instead of adults, most of what I'm getting is juveniles. So after a last meal of my delicious spinach they are the morning treat for my chickens. Thanks, Jesse, for a great season of podcasts! [20200428_101223_resized](// [20200428_101459_resized_1](//