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Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:38:12 GMT

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:38:12 GMT

So I was looking at a script by Simone Masiero, and I found the text file it was referencing. I did this because I was afraid I was making a small typo somewhere. I was trying to decode a message. I believed it was BASE64, or ACSII / ASCII85, but it doesn't decode to anything legible; by which I mean anything that would appear as text in the text field. Below is a copy of the encoded message: Ac5l/ffARGNBHl4F1x1wma5tsIeXP3Va+IElfhoMguEwGz56r/0C4n/5snxsd/MktYt0e3 13VnS03Lv0 Yfu20ercQOvglPtu1AZ0wVgSIP5exbLmyBDFGGtCPOx8gvolCWYN8ZC9Qop2MXTHnxHz3I cVeGRFAjfj 4ucVCh8uynnBbYdxZYJKKLCFK1m5OFvNvqzuFmRgVFXVl0ZMKTzPywRZUN7FByrY5iHlB/ Q6u/ivblja wnNK5iNXOERk4myuDy1fKn2VfNxUsS7WwHJ0VgjyCtY7CDf+EqoH9Hguns8IRdBJ3R4r7r zJi5jZW0br r5HsZhFtQjp3e1xkRqJC3A== (end) I am starting to believe that it is gibberish.