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the 5x8 APC grid... can it intelligently "map" as you have more than 8 scenes?

Chris Caulder
Fri, 01 Jan 2016 04:20:26 GMT

You guys know what I mean....

Chris Caulder
Fri, 01 Jan 2016 04:24:10 GMT

Sorry, I hit enter too soon.... like, the Launchpad and APC40 move all around Live's Session View intelligently... and the MIDI notes always map to wherever you are. Example-- the top left clip launch button is still the same button that launches Group 1's slot, in Scene 1., as it is, at Scene 40 (Group 1, top left slot). If this could be implemented in the future.... oh my god. Seriously. You've got a winner on your hands, Benjamin. No doubt. I bought a license for Playtime after messing with it for like 30 minutes. Tremendous. Oh, and I meant 8x5. But I usually think of it as 5x8... 5 scenes at a time, 8 clips. I think more in Scenes than Clips.