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Dynamic Sheet

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 21:36:40 GMT

Hey folks! I've been playing pokerole with some friends recently and decided to start a dynamic sheet to make the 'sheet filling' process faster during sessions. This is still a work in progress, but since it's already working well for our sessions, I decided to share it with the community. Currently we have the following automations: .: Trainer and Pokédex Sheets :. 1. By filling data in pokédex sheet, calculations are made in trainer sheet showing "seen" and "capture" absolute values, percentages and capture rate. .: Pokemon Sheet :. 1. By filling "Species": type, weakness, number and picture are updated 2. By changing "shiny" mark, the picture is updated to a shiny one 3. By changing "Form" between "common, alolan or galarian", the type, weakness and picture are updated 4. By filling a "move" by name, the following data are calculated and filled based on pokémon stats: power, accuracy, type, stab, category, target, effect There are 3 hidden sheets that contains the data provided to all theses calculations. Feel free to make a copy and make your own adjustments or simply use in your sessions. Comments and suggestions are also very welcome. My next additions will be a list of Abilities and limit options based on pokémon (i.e. bulbasaur has no alolan form, so this option should not be available for this species). Sheet public link: