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How do I know what I'm rolling to hit versus rolling damage?

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 11:14:07 GMT

I'm super new to Pokerole and trying to wrap my head around the mechanics so I can run a game for a few people that may also be interested. I'd rather know what is going on so I can help teach them as well. I would like some feedback on what I think is correct as well just in case, so I'll be numbering the questions for answers just in case! 1. Certain moves dictate a dice pool that need to have a number of successes in order for the move to hit? 2. How does accuracy work in terms of the dice pools for moves to hit? Do I add/remove a success per level of accuracy? Example a move has a -1 accuracy, is that an auto fail so I roll one die less or is it I take away one success? 3. How does a damage pool work? Using the example of Rock Throw, it says it has a damage pool of Strength + 2. I'm assuming the strength is the pokemon's total ranks in strength (I.E. 2 points in it's strength value), and the 2 is the moves power? In that case does that mean the move if it hits does 4 damage, or does it mean I roll 4 dice? OR does it mean I roll 2 dice (strength), then add the final 2 points on the end sort of like D&D? If I do roll dice does that mean the move could also do 1-6 damage per die? Or is it similar to the success system where I need to roll a 4,5, or 6 for 1 point of damage? Basically, how is damage calculated I'm lost on it, and it doesn't seem very clear to me in the rulebook. 4. My understanding is the only dice used is a d6, or six sided dye? Is there anything else I should know? Am I on the right track or am I completely wrong?

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 11:15:52 GMT

Note: If you play D&D 5e, and could relate what I know in any way to that, I could easily make sense of the mechanics, otherwise please, I don't know how everything works. Also since I'm here, one more question, If I had 3 points in strength, does that mean whenever I roll for a strength check for a certain number of successes, I have 3 dice to roll?

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 03:14:29 GMT

1. 1 Success will succeed in hitting a target unless you're rolling against the target (there's no ac like 5e) in clash/evade. 2. Takes away stated amount of dice from the pool. Depending on what your accuracy stats are, that's your pool, and any success will hit minus in the above example. (I know Hypnosis on Ghastly does this, where Ghastly has negative accuracy until its insight/contest/allure is raised above the negative) 3. It's the success system m If you hit, roll the four (if your STR is a 2 here) dice, the amount of successes (4+) is the damage dealt. Remember that health pools or generally low in this system, so if you accumulated the dice, most moves would one hit most pokemon at base levels/with no no training. 4. You only use D6. For the added one, yes, anything that draws from a stat you have that many more dice in. This applies for Attributes, Skill, and Specialties. There is a cap on Attributes per pokemon, and skills/specialties are capped at five for each. You also cannot have more points in a a specialty that is higher than the skill it attains to. A nd fun too that would aid in most of this, is using Roll20 (even if you play in person) it auto calculates most things, is a very clean layout for the most part, and it is coded to automatically show successes in each roll you make.