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Priority Moves

Thu, 23 Jul 2020 21:39:45 GMT

So I was looking at a move like Wide Guard and I'm trying to understand it's use. Does it: 1) Interrupt a currently ongoing action? Can I declare a high priority move at any point (as long as it is a higher priority move than the move being declared?) 2) Does declaring a high priority move out of turn use my turn for the round? Or when initiative reaches me, can I still take a normal action (following the rules of Multiple Actions). 3) Can the person being interrupt change their move once Wide Guard is declared? If they change it to a non-damaging move, does Wide Guard persist? Or is it basically wasted on shielding a non-damaging skill. 4) Does Wide Guard protect the user and allies for the rest of the round? 5) Does it shield one attack against any pokemon? Does it shield one attack against all pokemon? 5.1) Rock Slide is used, does Wide Guard protect all allies (in range) from it? Does the Wide Guard effect fade after shielding Rock Slide? 5.2) Smack Down is used targetting a single pokemon affected by Wide Guard, does that use up Wide Guard for that pokemon? For all affected pokemon? 5.3) Or does Wide Guard persist and block 3 damage from all moves used against allies for the rest of the round?

Sun, 26 Jul 2020 00:43:44 GMT

Moves with priority get resolved first than those with no priority or lover priority than the one sated on the move.

Tue, 28 Jul 2020 05:15:28 GMT

How long does the shield last? Until a single move is blocked? Until 3 damage is blocked? Does it block 3 damage from every move until the end of the round?