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Specialty Poke Ball Rules

Tue, 22 Sep 2020 02:36:32 GMT

The 2.0 rulebook mentions and lists off some of the specialty Poke Balls, but doesn't provide any rules or dice pools for them. I went ahead and did a quick conversion of the specialty balls' rules from the games to the Pokerole system, and I figured I'd share for anyone else who wants them! A couple notes-- the Park Ball and Cherish Ball aren't included, since I felt they were too niche to be used in my campaign, and I designed these rules to be easily integrated with the Pokerole 2.0 character sheet template used on Roll20. Feel free to tweak them again if you're playing on a different platform! Finally, I took a couple liberties with some of the specialty balls to make them a little more useful. The Moon Ball now works better on Fairy-type Pokemon, since only 15 or so Pokemon use the Moon Stone, and the Net Ball's bonus now applies to Flying-type Pokemon as well as Bug- and Water-types. Aside from those changes (which you can easily remove), nothing else has been changed or added! RULES HERE: 8c7O8/edit?usp=sharing Let me know what you all think! I've never homebrewed something like this before, and I'm interested in hearing if these rules are useful, or if you think they need some tweaking to be balanced.

Sat, 03 Oct 2020 03:26:52 GMT

Hey there! I'd love to check out your homebrew, but the link is broke :( could you repost it?

Wed, 14 Apr 2021 13:59:54 GMT

I wanted my character yo he a pokeball crafter whose goal Is to become a Pokémon master catching everyone with His own pokeballs, so I did a little crafting system (and created a few new apricorns) to make the balls and usually use the craft difficulty *2 +1 on the number of dice to catch It would be awesome if anyone could help make this better since I know it's not the Best right now [IMG-20210409-WA0005](//