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Down ranking a Beginner Pokémon to Starter rank

Mon, 02 May 2022 18:24:16 GMT

Hello there ! I have a question about the rank of your first Pokémon. Rulebook page 21 says : "The Pokémon you start your game with will have the same Rank as your Trainer. This will affect the Moves they can choose and how their Skills are distributed." OK so now imagine, one of the player want to start a game with Charmander #004 (page 91). Suggested rank for a Charmander is Beginner. But since it is the very first pokemon of the trainer, I should apply the rule above. So we will consider now that Charmander has a Starter Rank instead of Beginner, but I think this "down ranking" must reduce 2 points of attribute no ? Thank you in advance !

Mon, 02 May 2022 19:02:47 GMT

Question replied on Discord Server : The Pokédex has base stats only, so a starter rank Pokémon has exactly the stats in the Pokédex It also means that if this Charmander is encountered as a wild Pokémon, and if I want it to be at Beginner rank, as mentioned at page 19, I must apply this : +2 extra attribute points +2 extra social points 5 + 4 skill points with a limit of 2 Also something to keep in mind: the suggested rank is purely a suggestion for GMs when creating wild Pokémon.