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Who Did It & Why?

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 00:15:12 GMT

Commercial Solar in South Carolina Who Did It and Why www.mypolyenergy.com Last week two articles concerning the rapidly rising utility costs in South Carolina and a major Solar conversion initiative appeared in the South Carolina Chronicle on the same day. The front page headline was South Carolina Energy and Gas asked to repay customers. Two groups representing disgruntled home and business owners called for a halt to the SCANA, SCE&G and Santee Cooper spending $120 million a month of our utility fees to build two nuclear plants near Columbia South Carolina. The two groups say that SCE&G and Santee Cooper have already sunk 8.9 billion into the projects and the actual final costs of the projects can’t even be projected accurately at this time. The groups, business owners and homeowners are very much aware that in order to project forward 10 years, they need only look backward at the previous 10 years. Over the past 10 years, 1.4 billion in rate hikes have been charged to consumers in order to help pay for a project that was originally supposed to cost under 10 billion… but now could eventually cost as much as 20 billion! What has happened to your own utility bill during the past 10 years? That’s what is going to happen during the next 10 years and it might even be worse. The two groups fighting on your behalf are unlikely to secure refunds for your annual rate increases during the past 10 years of course, and they are unlikely to prevent regular annual rate increases over the next 10 years either. The nation-wide annual average increase of a utility bill is 3.67% compounded annually even if you don’t have a 20 billion dollar nuclear plant being built in your back yard. The second article published the same day describes a solution that, as a South Carolina business owner or homeowner, you can implement yourself THIS year. This article on the second page had the following headline: Solar Power Comes to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. The article details an approved project to build a 4,230 panel 1.38 megawatt fixed tilt ground solar array, the first of its kind on a South Carolina airfield. Columbia Metropolitan Airport’s solar array is made possible by the SCE&G Bill Credit Agreement Program. Under this program, SCE&G will issue a monthly bill credit to the airport which is expected to produce $250,000 in annual bill credits for the airport over a 10 year term. The project is part of the airport’s effort to adopt environmentally friendly programs while meeting an obligation to run as economically as possible by lowering energy costs. Airports don’t make decisions, people do and a group of wise decision makers made this one. We can install a much smaller version for your own business or home, and fix a LOWER Solar System payment than your current utility bill that NEVER increases. This is a no-brainer folks. Poly Energy’s HQ is located in Columbia, South Carolina. Our consultants will travel to you to provide a free estimate or we will refer one of our affiliated companies to you. Our installers are NABCEP certified with over 10 years of experience. Check us out at www.mypolyenergy.com and schedule an appointment at your convenience on-line or call 803-667-5694. When you do, ask for Mike and I will make every effort to respond personally. If you are a South Carolina homeowner or business owner, shouldn’t you obtain a free estimate for how to stop the bleeding?