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Interpreting The Cessation Notice

Mark Gomes
Wed, 23 Dec 2015 11:53:49 GMT

Hi All, I greatly sympathize with everyone's frustrations, but continue to assure you that everything has (and will) to be done to resolve these issues and provide an update as soon as possible. For anyone trying to interpret the cessation of services announcement, I recommend NOT reading too deeply into it. Every word was carefully chosen. Accordingly, it may help to break the notice down into its components (this exercise is also VERY helpful in the stock world -- many management teams are extremely purposeful in their wording). Because of this, be extra careful not to emphasize any one segment over the others, unless the author has advised you to do so (to avoid confirmation bias): 1. We know that you were expecting a new pick from PTT Capital today, but unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide it to you. 2. The co-founders of PTT Capital are in the process of resolving internal disputes regarding the business, which has prevented us from providing you with our services. 3. We are working hard to resolve these issues 4. and hope to provide an update a s soon as we can. We will do so as soon as we have more information to share. Again, try not to emphasize any one segment over the others. Unfortunately, this is all I can say for now, but hope that segmenting the message helps (at least a little). Kindest Regards, Mark G.

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 18:37:40 GMT

yes, picking no stocks for the last 3 years would have worked out a lot better for everyone. In fact, since June 2014, he only picked Dorm (short), Post (short) both terrible short picks, and then just recently ITMSF and RDCM. correct me if a wrong. The fact is, based on the prevailing evidence, he is not a very good stock picker....

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 18:46:25 GMT

Exactly. I'm sure he considers me to be one of the nagging customers who was also asking for more picks (and I never said they HAD to be long, but I did point out to him that he gave Pipeline subscribers frequent recommendations of great performing longs (and former SA picks) over the last couple years like AAPL and FB and ATTU) that he withheld updates on from us. At one point he actively told us in a Research vid in mid-2014 to sell ATTU around $7 b/c he was dumping "tertiary positions" only to later re-initiate it a few months later for Pipeline for the ride up to $14. And of course we now have to believe he gave them all the good shorts as well if there really were any. From what I've heard from those subscribers I certainly don't think Pipeline was any great boon either... Honestly that ATTU sale and my JAKK purchase were the last time I followed a single piece of Gomes' advice, but just holding on to AERO, JAKK, MATR and GLUU for the last 1.5 years has dest royed any progress in my portfolio, so if I was really smart I would have cut all the cords at that point. Who would have thought Ruth would have looked like the prophetic genius she does today haha! :)

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 19:01:14 GMT

> @Ryne > Lesson learned – I shouldn’t have wavered to pressure from customer who demanded new long ideas. In hindsight, picking NO stocks would have worked out better for many. This sounds like a total cop-out. If the handful of comments on this forum is the "pressure" he's referring to, then he is not very good at handling pressure. I'd also like to know what longs he was pressurized into picking? His research portfolio is/was 33% long & 2% short. He was constantly talking about providing us with more short picks, but never did. Nobody pressured him into "not giving short picks". If he felt that shorts were the right choice, nobody stopped him but himself. For all of his talk of "taking responsibility" he seems to find it hard to take responsibility for his own actions. Instead he blames customers for pressuring him. Let's not forget he sold these same customers a service based on "simple buy & hold stock picks". When they conducted their survey, I'm sure th ese same customers (who had been sold one proposition) were very open to whatever was going to produce the best results for their portfolio. Whether that be longs or shorts.

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 20:04:30 GMT

I agree with Gregory as well. Mark does think he is doing "a good deed" by helping people. He won't take any responsibility for the damage that has been caused. To me, the research seemed sophisticated. But it couldn't have been any good. The results speak for that.

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 21:36:28 GMT

In one of his latest videos through Pipeline (, Mark says that he will not issue a RED Alert because he does not have clairvoyance. Funny that he had clairvoyance to call the internet bubble and the bottom of it per his profile in PTT: "In late 1999, he predicted that the Internet Bubble would crash in Q1 of 2000 by identifying weaknesses in the IT purchasing pipeline. He later called the bottom of the bust in late 2002." I bet you 10 years from now, his profile will read something like: "In Q1 2016, Mark predicted the market crash of Q4 2016." Hindsight is always 20/20! Hahahahah

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 21:52:28 GMT

Remember back in the day when Mark would always finish up by saying just sit back and relax let us do the work for you,LOL what a joke it sure has not been very relaxing for me. Oh another good one,I will be providing some JUICY JUICY shorts soon,POST and DORM yup they were juicy alright.

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 21:55:08 GMT

Normally not one to bitch but that felt good lol

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 22:35:46 GMT

There is not much doubt that Gomes and the Karnell's started PTT without fully strategizing or polishing the service and platform they were offering. While subscription fees were being collected there was much improvisation going along: changing courses, adding services, backtracking, new analysts, bad analysts, terrible analysis, huge losses (GTAT, DLIA, BSFT etc...) excuses/apologies, defecting analysts, cutting services, failing platform and forums, security breaches and so on... most was geared to marketing and monetising content (Gomes / Montext) done on a mediocrely designed and often ailing platform and out of a Miami condo. What happened to the 10's or 100's of thousand $ Gomes claimed were being spent on exterior analysts to get us the best insight in its class? Who are the Elite subscribers and the Institutional clients? etc..etc.. It would be interesting to balance out PTT claims with some real accounting, because as per the results we sure as hell did not benefit from much or any of that. Re. our "only" core pick, all could have profited handsomely with t he right advice (or silence) when GlUU hit 7+, but no, upping the target to 10 right after earnings was a terrible call and destabiliser, why? At this stage I have come to question everything, as surely some of you do = it would be interesting to weigh all PTT messages / recommendations / claims with actions taken by PTT team, Elite and their institutional clients for the sake of transparency. Response from Ian K. to my complaint re. the terrible BSFT call. "We do take great pride in both our research and our track record. We take greater pride in helping our members create wealth. We do not expect to be right 100% of the time, however BSFT is a blemish to what has been long and profitable string of good picks." Ian K. Today BSFT is one amongst a string of blemishes and absolutely no wealth was created for subscribers since inception of this service. - Ruth was right! Kudos to her.

Fri, 15 Jan 2016 00:37:55 GMT

Who's Ruth?

Fri, 15 Jan 2016 00:43:55 GMT

if memory serves, Ruth was a member for a while, and a very (very) vocal critic of PTT and Mark, maybe just after the GTAT debacle?

Fri, 15 Jan 2016 01:39:20 GMT

I think it was the ECOM debacle,not sure there have been way to many.

Fri, 15 Jan 2016 12:43:36 GMT

As far as Pipeline picks go, I can assure you the overall performance wasn't as it was presented to Research. At one point there was something approaching 60 picks and the overall performance was slightly positive. I wrote a note to Mark and mentioned that with 1% per pick that would put us 60% invested in speculative picks. But shortly thereafter the list suddenly was reduced to about 30 picks, almost all of which were the better performing ones. I agree that Research members should have been more informed of the Pipeline picks, especially since the research was ostensibly being paid for primarily by Research subscribers. I had a long running query with PTT about upgrading to the Elite service, but they would not tell me the performance of Elite, so I gave up.

Fri, 15 Jan 2016 22:56:05 GMT

And I had a few question to PTT about pick in the Pipeline news letter, not being on the list. But it is a mute point. If you look at Mark's new pipeline site and his "model" portofolio or even his "actual portfolio" is it very different from the PTT Research and the Pipeline. And his list of shorts.....he could have shared a few at least the pipeline subscribers. And did our pressure make him pull his yellow alert? He basically said that on the new pipeline site. Tossed his conviction and methodology under the bus.

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 08:10:54 GMT

okay what next ? why is everyone so quite ?

Robert M.
Thu, 28 Apr 2016 10:13:57 GMT

In reading Mark's original post in this thread, it occurs to me that he failed us yet again. There is no update coming. And his advice to us - to break down the notice of cessation of services into its components - is meaningless gobaldy gook that served absolutely no purpose in retrospect.

Thu, 28 Apr 2016 15:24:43 GMT

do you really consider that to be the most reasonable interpretation of the events that have happened? the karnells have done what, exactly? upheld their promise to you by providing you with a chat wall to complain on? that's all you're getting from them right now. whereas, last i checked, it's possible to obtain all kinds of useful information about stocks, posted by mark (who is supposedly failing you??) via other easily discoverable channels. that makes no sense.

Robert M.
Fri, 29 Apr 2016 02:36:25 GMT

At least this chat room is still limited to paying subscribers, as it should be. Meanwhile, Gomes is giving away, for free, information that is legally ours. We paid for it. We paid him handsomely, and he didn't keep his end of the bargain. At least the Karnels kept their end of the bargain, considering this private board is still active. And yes, still private.

Wed, 04 May 2016 05:57:15 GMT

This chat room is just a sounding board for the PTT gang to feel out the mood of their disillusioned members, there is nothing more unsettling than silence when potential legal complaints are brewing. This chitchat provides a useful thermometer ... the troops certainly have thinned given the amount of people that got nicked!

Thu, 05 May 2016 17:20:07 GMT

Robert , i am following him on SA and PD , his so called free advice which was legally ours is of no use , he dumped GLUU without telling anyone , How can a stock with 10 size become 0 in matter of months ? now he is bragging about MATR , it will tank soon.

Fri, 06 May 2016 14:12:10 GMT

He is tell all to buy the future prospect and that the earnings review, while negative on the face, has a longer term positive. He will be selling while other will take his advise and buy. And I still own both MATR and GLUU but as you should have seen from my comments in other posts over the last year I trade the channels but do get caught on the wrong side....currently on the wrong side of these as they have fallen out of the R/R channel. :(

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