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Fri, 04 Dec 2015 15:19:34 GMT

Is there anyone taking any responsibility for App support. I haven't been able to access forums on my iPhone for months. Even the website says "offline". Before you were able to chat with someone. Will this be addressed?? Kiran? Mark? Anyone?

Fri, 04 Dec 2015 15:50:59 GMT

Manzar - I share the same frustration. I´ve already asked the same question twice here on the board. The first time Kiran mentioned that the third party consultant that is responsible for the app was going through personal issues. A month later (more or less) I asked the same question and got no response. Service has been terrible!

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 18:45:30 GMT

On the topic of IT: It would be nice to have a working portfolio tracker as well. It's not exactly a big ask. It would literally take someone 10 minutes on google docs to update and send out a new link. Hard to think of any satisfactory excuses for this. One could be justified in thinking that the reason they don't do this is due to the poor performance of the portfolio right now (which if true, would be very poor practise indeed).

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:20:15 GMT

. if you check the link i believe ptt has be updating since the last complaint about this

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:27:26 GMT

friday at closing BAMXY 36.04 +0.54 +1.52 CLMS 9.27 -0.01 -0.11 CNAT 3.04 +0.01 +0.33 FIT 33.37 +3.23 +10.72 GLUU 3.00 -0.08 -2.60 GM 36.25 +0.78 +2.20 HDGE 10.46 -0.10 -0.95 ITMSF 0.28 +0.01 +1.82 JAKK 7.97 -0.03 -0.38 LEXVF 0.06 +0.00 +0.16 MATR 6.82 -0.13 -1.87 MDLY 5.38 -0.52 -8.81 MUX 0.95 +0.03 +3.26 ORBC 6.79 -0.08 -1.16 PCO 0.52 -0.01 -1.79 PERI 2.80 -0.05 -1.75 PLUG 2.08 -0.01 -0.48 PTX 2.90 +0.02 +0.69 RDCM 13.26 +0.41 +3.19 RSYS 2.77 +0.07 +2.59 TIVO 9.00 +0.13 +1.47 TPCS 0.23 +0.00 +2.13 VLKAY 30.00 +0.12 +0.40 VLKPY 27.92 +0.52 +1.89

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:32:15 GMT

Hi Dale, I don't think the tracker has been updated recently (but forgive me if I'm mistaken). From what I can see: 1) It currently lists GLUU as a 9 rather than 8. 2) It still lists SPY as a long of 5 (don't think this is still active). 3) And it doesn't include the latest pick FIT Also the "official transactions" sheet hasn't been updated since September as far as I can see. Let me know if you see things differently

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:38:11 GMT

MG took $1M in 2009 and now it's worth over $8M in just 6 yrs...i would say MG is doing something right...does anyone agree???...i want PTT on my side but i know i have to do my part when i make the decisions...just like everyone else and that takes responsibility in my own choices...MG recommends but i make the decisions and i blame no one but myself for my portfolio choices Total Stock Holdings: $2,373,977 Total Cash Holdings: $5,626,208 TOTAL PORTFOLIO VALUE (Started with $1M in 2009) $8,000,185 Average Annual Return (2009-Present) 35.31% Russell 2000 Annual Return (2009-Present) 13.37%

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:40:46 GMT

alan...i have been checking out the portfolio tracker since the first complaint how ever long it has been and PTT was right on it and did as we asked

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:44:00 GMT

my bad...i did not look at the position sizes, but since i know what positions size i choose for myself sometimes the size MG chooses not always matter to me

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:44:06 GMT

Don't think anyone is debating Mark's performance (past or present) on this thread . We're simply raising IT issues with the service. Let's not confuse "requesting service fixes" with "criticism of pick performance".

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 19:50:53 GMT

alan i can see where you're coming from and we all have room for improvement...but i have to disagree...i have been following the posts and in my opinion i feel there has been a lot of insulting and bashing...i can see no other reason why MG has not been on the forums or communicating with his subscribers...i would be a little upset myself...MG is great when times are great and he's not so great when times are bad...i feel we are all suffers because of all the negativity...but that's my opinion

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 20:31:51 GMT

Dale: I can see how you may have taken my first post on this thread to be "bashing" - but I certainly didn't intend it that way. I was simply pointing out that you could easily take a cynical view of why the tracker hasn't been updated. It's very simple to keep it updated and it's just one of the many IT/service issues PTT has right now. I don't consider this "IT-thread" to contain any "bashing". Having subscribers raise IT issues (and addressing them) should actually improve the service for everyone. Regarding general "bashing/insulting" on the forums: Yes, there definitely is some, but I think its limited to a very small number of people (and I doubt MG pays any attention to it). I think most of what you're calling bashing is actually "skepticism/criticism". We shouldn't seek to silence critical voices. In fact, I think its helpful for everyone to hear both sides and it helps avoid the "confirmation bias" of investing. I think Mark would say the same thing himself. I don't think a few critical/skeptical voices is what's keeping MG away from the Forums - it doesn't sto p him from posting on SA. His responses to critical posts (mostly on SA) have shown his attitude toward them - which is always very professional and open to discussion.

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 21:33:28 GMT

alan...i'm not referring to everything being said as being bashing...but i can tell what is skepticism/criticism and what is're right it is a small number of people that are doing the bashing but it's still negative for all of us...and as was said in a previous post by someone...those subscribers who are not happy should look elsewhere when their subscriptions expire because if they don't have faith in MG now they will not have faith in him tomorrow and they will still be a negative impact on this forum yes there might be some legitimate complaints and i am not denying that...but i think there is just a more professional way of speaking and handling their complaints for a guy who i feel knows a lot more than most, if not all of us...isn't that why we are here and paid MG stated from the beginning he is not perfect (just like the rest of us) nor is he 100% accurate...he also tells us all that following the methodology is a "must" and i say we should also do our own due i stated before, our choices are our choices and when we clic k that "Buy" or "Sell" button that is on us maybe you're right, maybe i'm wrong or maybe vice versa when it comes to the reasons why MG has been scarce...i would agree that MG can handle the true criticisms and opinions of his PTT followers if they were addressed professionally...but who's to say he can handle the constant negativity, the bashing, the finger pointing and be reminded at every other post of the lost trust a few of the subscribers have in him...i think we need to rally in support for MG and whoever is not in support should not post their negative opinions

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 22:11:04 GMT

My 2 cents: there are always lovers and haters. this is the same for PTT members. For me, some criticism is reasonable: 1. PTT is different from, say, one year ago. Not sure about the internal change. The fact is that we get less educational material at least. 2. There is always good time and bad time. What I recall Mark mentioned something that good analyst shows at bad time. So far, we are in bad time for a while and the performance is to be desired. 3. My personal feeling is that PTT service is devalued. The amount of dedication we are getting from Mark is a lot less. There are also many other spots to be improved. The devalued service will trigger more of those criticism on those spots.

Sun, 06 Dec 2015 22:41:37 GMT

Dale - I think we agree on more points than we disagree. I agree with your points about reading the methodology, doing our own research and taking responsibility for all our buy/sell choices. You're completely right about all of that. I also agree that happy subscribers should rally in support of MG. I agree that people could sometimes be a little more constructive with their criticism, but I don't think their voices should be silenced or that criticism in general should be discouraged. Thanks for the interesting discussion Dale - I think it's worth having. I'll let this thread return to "IT concerns", I feel bad for having diverted the conversation. Apologies to Manzar/Charles.

Robert M.
Mon, 07 Dec 2015 05:44:49 GMT

Dale commented: "Those subscribers who are not happy should look elsewhere when their subscriptions expire" Good point. Now what about those unhappy members whose subscriptions never expire?

Robert M.
Mon, 07 Dec 2015 06:04:28 GMT

Considering that unhappy lifetime members are not allowed even a small partial refund, it makes sense that they should be allowed to salvage whatever value they see left on their subscription -- even if it means just venting on this message board for eternity.

Mon, 07 Dec 2015 07:50:49 GMT

+1 Robert

Mon, 07 Dec 2015 16:54:56 GMT

i apologize if i ruffled any feathers...but from where i come from everyone should be treated with respect as long as they treat others the same...what MG is doing is a good thing and i feel some members are being disrespectful to him...i've been following this board for awhile now and i thought these posts were for information, ideas, advice and to help each other out as a family of subscribers of PTT...maybe i missed all of that now that we're in a down far as i can see lately there's been a lot of blame, bashing, insulting and criticizing MG and the staff...yes, i can see your points and things need to improve and the staff needs to be on top of certains things...Those things aren't what bothers's the direct insult and blame some members are making when they are pointing the finger at MG for the choices they we all know MG knows he stuff that why we're here...he researches, he recommends but it is us who makes the choices on when to buy, how much to buy or whether to buy at all...not when people complain and point the finger an d say things like, well MG said to buy this, he said to hold this, i lost this x amount of money because he said it was going higher etc. i just think those kind of insults are negative and just breeds negativity within the rest of use and causes a chain reaction...has anyone ever tried to write a letter directly to MG and the staff by mail requesting an explanation...instead of everyone beating up on him in front of everyone else responding to roberts post...the comment “Those subscribers who are not happy should look elsewhere when their subscriptions expire” was made by another member several days ago...i was just agreeing with that member, but i do see your point and i apologize for any point is, there is constructive criticism respectfully and then there is appear to know the difference where other do not