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Wed, 10 Feb 2016 18:39:01 GMT

released this week? It is currently at #31 (grossing) in Canada, weeks after beta release there. This is as high or higher than I ever recall KKH getting, especially this late after beta release. Bodes well, and the fact that this has rallied up to 3 gives me some hope that with a solid top 20 grossing for a few weeks/month or so, this will hit 4. Sustained top 10 we might see mid 4s, or higher. Good god this is such an ideal trading stock. I cannot believe I held this thing. I would be in 6 figures profit had I cycled this. live and learn....

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 22:45:17 GMT

K&K at #2 downloads and #11 grossing in New Zealand. This game might be wild. As far as the share price, just took a little support from the company on the bid. Cash is king.

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 23:38:05 GMT

So true Tim (just took a little support from the company on the bid) after the stock market got drilled on Friday and again on Monday the stock still advanced very impressive nice call I personally cannot believe it did not pull back some as I stated before I sold a portion and looking back that was a mistake (easy looking back lol) It appears I still have much to learn GLTA

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 01:22:56 GMT

Yeah Thomas, you never know. Glu's share price just got crushed though. I never doubted my glu investment, because they had so much cash and I really like their management. I sold a little today, just because it's so over weighted in my portfolio. My share average is $4, but I bought a lot of $2 calls when it bottomed. Unlike so many flippers, I rarely trade my core holdings I believe in, unless they get way over bought. Check out VNWTF earnings tomorrow if you get a chance. I've owned it for years and they have good management and pay quarterly dividend. It's Canadian and for some reason they don't uplist on nasdaq or nyse. It trades U.S. $7's, but would be in the $20's with higher U.S. exchange, imo. A cash cow!

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 01:48:55 GMT

Hi Tim, I'm intrigued by your stock pick- if you don't mind, what is the market, what types of customers do they have and what is their strengths over the competition? Do they compete against US companies and have that as an advantage now due to CDN dollar weakness?

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 02:26:47 GMT

Lately their main customers are the cable & telecom companies. Also, yes the CDN weakness does give them an advantage over U.S. suppliers. They have awesome research & development department too, working with the colleges. Always a step ahead of their competition. They also sold some prime real estate & spectrum when the Canadian market was hot. That said, their marketing of the company & stock is poor. The only reason I own stock and discovered their company was because they bought another tiny stock I owned years ago. Spectrum signal I believe. Volume is very low most days. I expect good earnings tomorrow as usual. Might be worth a listen to their conference call at 1pm ET I believe. The stock has done little for me over the years, but they did pay out two different $1 dividends, which put me way ahead. Now, they are paying $.055/quarter.

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 04:33:31 GMT

Thanks Tim, I will take a look further - I like these 'real' companies that are profitable, low debt, provide a dividend - call me crazy but these are easier to buy and hold compared to the traders. On the topic of Canadian tickers, I will divulge one of my favorite names. I wanted to post a writeup here regarding it but got busy and it started running away quicker than I expected busting through the top of the channel - I'm not sure it will get back in that channel though so might as well mention it now since it's trading very cheap still and part of it is the same reason you mentioned - that it hasn't been on the radar of many institutions and isn't on the Nasdaq yet. LISTEN UP DOC WITH THE HEART LOGO YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN THIS ONE SPECIFICALLY AND THIS IS A HIGH QUALITY NON SPECULATIVE STOCK... The name is Medicure, a company in Winnipeg and they make a drug used in cardiac wards of hospitals, I found out since I have a 2nd degree contact that is part of the sales team. The company's main drug Aggrastat has quickly taken over as the number one drug of its kind, selling in the US strongly but also other countries. Basically when you have heart trouble and need surgery, they give you this drug so your blood doesn't clot - it also has a short half life so that as soon as the surgery is done it stops being an anti-coagulant quickly so that you reduce the risk of bleeding out. The good news - the drug works, is proven/used and is at least comparable to the competition. The better news - it's half the price of its competition - and now with the strong US dollar, the company's cost advantage and profitability is blowing up. It's been quickly taking market share in the US to be number one. A quarter ago, they announced an investment to expand the label of their drug for expanded use by hospitals - basically they have the clients already and they will get more revenue from all those hospitals - that will happen and kick in this year once FDA provides the approval (again it's a drug that's already being used so this is less speculative). What was great with this quarter is that it hid that quarters cash flows with an expense of over a million to apply for this expanded label - like I mentioned before when a company doesn't have a P/E it doesn't get noticed but the profitability is already there cash flow wise. And now they just recently pre-announced revenue up like 75% quarter over quarter. I expect earnings at least $1 this year and it's trading under $6 with crazy growth and profitability. The icing is they have an option to acquire another much larger company that does all kinds of generic drugs - I have no clue how to even value this significant opportunity but it certainly is not zero. As I've stated before I like certain industries long term with demographics the way they are - technology obviously but also health care with our aging population - this fits the bill in that category and is not insanely valued like other biotechs. The stock MPH.V has smallish volume, I believe there is a ticker on the US side with even lesser volume. On the charts, like I said it broke out of its channel for awhile but has dropped quickly 20% so is closer to the top of that old channel (maybe low 5s) - however the earnings if they are close to what I think they could be, will be a catalyst where that channel no longer makes sense. By the way, as far as Canadian companies, I also mentioned Lake Shore Gold a few weeks ago and it's getting acquired now, second miner where this happened for me in past year, need to find another one now lol. It's good to find anti-correlation type stocks that can go up while our usual small cap tech suspects go down, just another way to manage risk. In the case of the CDN companies that export to the US, their bottom line and price competitiveness gets stronger as the CDN dollar weakens due to oil prices.

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 12:59:05 GMT

I will do that Tim,'s always nice to see remi chime in with more sound advice

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 13:44:06 GMT

Thanks Remi, I'll follow it. They need a U.S. stock listing, if only grey market. Even with that market, I have to guess vecima's bid & ask most days. By the way another good quarter as I expected. "VICTORIA, BC--(Marketwired - February 11, 2016) - Vecima Networks Inc. (VCM.TO) • Adjusted EBITDA Climbs 61% YOY to $10.1 million • Cash Balance improves by $5.6 million to $71.9 million • FY16 Adjusted EBITDA outlook raised $4 million to $33-$37 million" Also, back on topic. Glu looks to open up on another ugly day. I'll be gone for a couple of days, so good luck everyone.

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 13:53:58 GMT

The reason glu is up, 10cent buying more shares. "Today's News, February 11, 2016 8:23 am ET Tencent Holdings Ltd. Reports 18.4% Stake in Glu Mobile"