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OT: The story of Dendreon/Provenge

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 03:50:57 GMT

Hi, I haven't been around the market for long and just stumbled in this rather lengthy article telling the story of a biotech company called Dendreon and their failure to market their prostate cancer vaccine called Provenge. The level or corruption and criminal behavior is above anything I thought possible! This was circa 2005-2008. To be honest the tone of the article is very one-sided, and I haven't looked at the other side of the story. But, I would say that even if as little as 5% of what is claimed in there is true, it's very scary stuff, and still well going on today! I wonder if any of you followed this when it happened, and if there is another side/interpretation to this story. Also, if all of this is remotely true, how can one know that he's not investing in a Dendreon like stock? Nevertheless this is a fascinating read. Very long, but can keep you busy during Thanksgiving!