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Risk/Reward Charts

Tue, 15 Dec 2015 18:17:18 GMT

Please inform me if I am wrong, but I do remember that after several debacles at PTT, Research subscribers were told that they would get more and updated risk/reward charts. Now in Mark's last video he tells us that he doesn't want to give them to us. But he expects us to be to trade these picks based on these charts in order to maximize our profits. I paid big money for this subscription and I feel that we should have access. Part of the pick process is the risk/reward chart! Now Mark says that we should learn how to draw them. Ok fine, but the articles from back in 2013 and the such are very ambiguous. I would like to see a new article that shows what is considered in the creation of the risk/reward chart and when to know how to make adjustments. Just the thoughts of a frustrated PTT research subscriber.