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Job: Data Engineer in London

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 12:17:50 GMT

Aleph Insights is a small, but expanding analytical consultancy that works primarily in the defence and security sector. Our clients include the UK government and its allies, as well as private sector companies focused on risk and asset management. Many of our projects involve the application of new technologies to longstanding security challenges. We combine structured data and human judgements to support analytical approaches which make the best use of the available information to answer difficult questions about the state of the world. Our research focuses on a wide range of topics that have included cybersecurity, natural language processing and technology-based approaches to risk forecasting. The projects that you will be involved with will be varied, ranging from contributing to the development of software which helps analysts to write better reports, to developing ways of quantifying the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures, and even producing fictional stories which help policy makers better imagine future threats. Due to the expansion of the business and our customer-base we require an experienced data engineer. The Data Engineer will be required to lead the design and implementation of the data science components of our analytical projects. They will research, evaluate, develop and maintain new technology-based solutions which will underpin our delivery to clients. They will also assist with engagement with clients on technical matters, and be involved in generating and pitching ideas for new projects. For more details of the role and to apply,