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AR/VR Hack-a-thon (USC Los Angeles)

Wed, 27 Dec 2017 21:43:51 GMT

Hi Pyladies! My name is Sabya, I'm a new member of the group and I wanted to tell you guys about a cool new event I'm a part of. We are holding a VR and AR Hackathon at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. You are invited to apply to participate. Or, please share with colleagues, students and other hackers. When: Date: March 12-15, 2018 (Spring Break @USC) Where: USC - Tutor Center Los Angeles, CA Website: For more information or to apply, visit The first applications will close on Monday, February 12, 2018. Please sign up now, spread the word with your communities and we hope to see you in LA! The Creating Reality Hackathon is adapted from the Reality Virtually HAckathon held at the MIT Media Lab, adapted for the USC and LA community. Both events are community operated, non-profit and non-commercial learning experiences to deepen the communities understanding of how AR and VR can be applied. The Reality, Virtually, Hackathon held at MIT was a fantastic learning experience. Diversity seems to match creativity and visa vers a. We were 43% women. There were 53 races and countries of national origin represented and people traveled from 12 countries and 26 states. We are creating a one time community like this at USC with your help. Here are some videos for your reference (so you know we're real lol!) Thanks in advance. Sabya Clarke Outreach Lead, Creating Reality Team