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Job: Software Development Instructor, Portland, OR

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 01:41:29 GMT

Alchemy Code Lab is a hub for the future makers, the movers & shakers, and the entrepreneurial go-getters & seekers of our industry -- and we’re looking for Software Development Instructors to join our growing team! We operate in a supportive environment where everyone is empowered to experiment, take risks, fail, and build it better. Through open communication, collaboration, and shared purpose, the instructors at Alchemy Code Lab guide students to maximize their potential with code. Our rigorous, hands-on curriculum is designed to train developers to drive real impact at Portland’s most innovative tech companies -- and graduates start their new careers at $25K a year more than other code schools in town. Our instructors are intelligent, passionate, and highly-trained. They’re what makes Alchemy Code Lab truly unique among code schools. Are you in? Find out more about the positions & application process here: