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Scope and sequence

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 08:20:50 GMT

Hi Mr. Sj Can you send to me your PSPE curriculum and how can I connect my topics with the three PSPE strand? I need your advice. regards

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 08:28:21 GMT

Hi Mateen, Yo may include PSPE objective as one or your objectives in your lesson. Please see the sample below: Grade 5 - POI: How The World Works. (INTEGRATED UNIT) Central idea: All actions and interactions involve forces, which follow scientific and universal rules. Lines of Inquiry: • Types of forces • Interaction among forces • Application of forces in our daily lives I. Athletics I.A. (FORCE applied in Athletics) Learning outcomes: Gr5.D.1. Show that when a force is applied to an object, the object either speeds up, slows down, or goes in a different direction Gr5.D.2. Describe the relationship between the strength of a force and its effect on an object (e.g. the greater the force, the greater the change in motion; the more massive the object, the smaller the effect of a given force) Active Living Appropriate application of skills is vital to effective performance. Gr5.D.8. Exhibit effective decision-making processes in the application of skills during physical activity. It is not necessary to include all 3 strands in your topic or "learning engagement". Furthermore, you don't need to include all objectives in all 3 strands in your 1 year plan primarily because PSPE is a shared duty among all the PYP teachers. My advise to you is to choose appropriate strands/objectives which support your Unit of Inquiry, your unit or your topic. Thank you and wish you success in your endeavor.

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:29:13 GMT

Thanks for your replying Mr.SJ.....Could you send to me your scope and sequence program, if you don't mind? we are going to write our own PSPE program so I need your point of view about PSPE. What should I do to write it? best regard