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Next project: The Living Train

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 21:08:44 GMT

Once the remainder of our Arcane Synthesis Kickstarter rewards are finished and sent out, we'll jump back on this cool project. I'm very excited about The Living Train: A super AI train and its passengers and crew discover a bizarre serial killer on board. You won't want to miss this planet-hopping, blended-genre adventure! The first draft is about 70% done. I'm currently working on Cosmoverse World Tour, but why wait? Whet your appetite now! Get a taste for just how cool this story will be by reading the sequel: The Train Less Traveled, a novella you can read in Arcane Synthesis! (See Excerpt above.) The Train Less Traveled takes place many years after events in The Living Train, and while the novella provides many insights into how the super AI train thinks, and includes some characters from The Living Train prequel, reading The Train Less Traveled will not spoil this next release—it will just add to the enjoyment. I'll reveal more about The Living Train in the days ahead!