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damn vix

Fri, 14 Jan 2022 14:40:24 GMT

I thought I taught you to not challenge me after 4 rounds? Jesus, you're like a boner that won't stay the fuck down! Catch you with the clips so you look paler than charlie. I'm the queen of this shit, no wonder my pseudonym is Harley. You're so dumb, you thought you was smart when you got an A+ on your blood test. You studied for an AIDS test because the doc told you to "keep thinking positive", you're a mess. If you joined the BYOB, you'd get shat on from the competition. For you to win, you'd have to go to Psycho and be like "I'll join on one condition!" "Even though I'm shit at dissin', put me in the best position" Then you realise he's not a judge and you go "Oh shit! I best start wishing!" But that shooting star you just witnessed was a hallucination. those bars tho they hit hard ngl lmao

Fri, 14 Jan 2022 14:41:21 GMT

and for you josh you cant come to vix with these bars and expect to win Violet or Vixlet you changed ur name with just an o? With the new fracture maybe piglet was just a swallow? Killin every single rapper is that ur new slogan or motto? You trashed out this kid called YoungJosh, but he emerged into something hollow Flow so emergent I’m ten to the follow! Violet had to solve the x cause Vixlet was a late myth Had to change your name so fast cause you ain’t even that promised If you cannot keep a name better slow ur rapping game You marking me for simping at you when you can’t even state your reign Your no queen, you money masher, Daddy’s money what keeps your laughter