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What's the worst outcome possible?

Tue, 18 May 2021 02:13:03 GMT

Well sir . Your words are so powerful, and yet very direct in the facts of that it's very rare to become overnight music flavor of the month as well as a number one song, producer, sound. etc.........Pay dues, is enevatable in order to progress towards success!!!!!! Look forward to more of your powerful advice, words of wisdom and hopefully your artist ear and thoughts on my sounds and artwork.......; DRAW98=C.D.I. -3.F.S. [2fc52e86bcb89a2cbf4b9747c2766c90](//muut.com/u/rappad/s1/:rappad:GnID:2fc52e86bcb89a2cbf4b9747c2766c90.jpg.jpg)