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Breakdown of the song:

Mon, 19 Apr 2021 10:58:20 GMT

1st line. First line just tells the haters to shut up, cuz I can't grasp ideals like an intolerant cop, which is pretty easy to understand but cop also means attaining something, eg- lioncub just copped an award or something like that. And this ties in with "grasp". So a double entendre straight off the bat. 2 and 3rd lines. Second line says that my persistent thoughts go over the top, aka your heads, but an alpinist climbs mountains so he goes over the top. But the 2nd line is synced with the 3rd line because a pullover is a top aka, a dress, so the 2nd line is a triple. In the 3rd line, pullover also means pulling up on someone to wreck them, so that's a double. 4th line. Fourth line talks about a versus and that it's pretty much inchoate unless my pen thinks otherwise. Also inchoate sounds like "ink, oh wait" so that's some clever wordplay. 5th line. Fifth line says that Ive got a knack for the worst outcome, always looking for the worst way out, cause that's what strengthens you. But knackwurst is a German sausage. Hence, a double. 6th line. Flabbergasted means aston ished at something. In this case, at the flab of your girth, since you're not making moves or advances, and getting fatter without proper metabolism. Also a play on the words flab-ergasted and flab. 7th line. In the seventh line, a renege is someone who doesn't keep their word. Other words, they get away with broken promises, but having a way with words is an idiom. Look it up. Double entendre. 8th line. Water down means weaken. But hoes has several meanings. First one is the derogatory term. Second one means a tool used in farming. This fits with the "drag through the dirt" since hoes are used for that purpose, but it is also an idiom. Hoes also sounds like hose which u use to water vegetation, hence you water them down. A triple entendre. 9 and 10th lines. "Stay rooted to the spot" is an idiom but radicle is a part of the plant embryo which grows into the root. Radicle also sounds like radical. Hence, a double entendre. 11 and 12th lines. I state that I wouldn't wanna be hotheaded like some people in this site, who go to blazes like the human torch, but "go to blazes" is also an idiom which means go to hell, implying that I'm telling my haters to go to hell. 13th and 14th lines. Being scapegoated means taking the blame for someone else's mistakes. So, I'm telling the haters that unless they wanna take the blame for all the goats I ossify (turn to bone), the air will be like the streets, In the sense that both of them will be too hot to hold them, literally, since this fits with the human torch and hotheaded scheme, but "too hot to hold you" is also an idiom, indicating that the air they breathe will be just as dangerous as the streets we live in. A double entendre. 15th line. Fifteenth line carries the heat scheme as i state that the embers of this verse have incensed the air. 16th line. Sixteenth line displays a cool wordplay on "nose" and "knows". Everyone knows Pinocchio has a long nose. So I flip it by saying that, similiar to Pinocchio, my ken aka knowledge, knows no bounds which is an idiom which means no limits, since Pinocchio's nose has no bounds. A double entendre. Insensate means 'without the feelings of right or wrong'. 17th and 18th lines. A blender grates and I flip this by saying that I'm a blender, hence there's no one greater(grater) and I carry the scheme by saying I shred these lines since grating is similar to shredding. 18th line just says that these lines are a mind-boggling threat. The simplest line throughout the whole song. 19th line. Sniveling queers rhymes with nickel beers, again I'm not saying I hate queers, it just fits with the rhyme scheme so I said it. Don't jump the gun and come after me like some overly sensitive people on this site. "I've seen better better heads on nickel beers" is an idiom implying that the haters are so dumb. 20th line. A pinch bar is blunt on one side but being blunt means being honest but often in a rude way and not caring about the repurcussions. "Price on your head"is a phrase which means putting a hit on you but price is a homophonic slant rhyme with pries, and what does a pinch bar do? It pries objects.

Mon, 19 Apr 2021 12:22:58 GMT

Awesome lyrics!!