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NickGrace's Feedback

Tue, 05 Jul 2016 21:10:26 GMT

So, you dropped this on my wall a while ago and I never did get around to typing this cuz reasons and shit. You pretty much nailed it when you said "Now I already hear the haters sayin: I-don't-know-what-I'm-talkin'-'bout". You obviously don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Period. You glorification of an older generation of hip hop is misguided at best and idiotic at worst. The genre as a whole is evolving and this god awful beat you decided to half rap, half speak in a very monotone voice over only serves to show just how far we've come. I honestly don't understand why white people with no flow have so much hate for good music these days. It boggles my mind. I'm personally convinced it's jealousy because you and those misguided souls like you don't possess the skillset to create music that meets today's standards for quality, but that theory doesn't take into account all of the rappers who actually have talent and still dwell on the myth that hip hop was somehow "realer" back in the day. It just wasn't. This is trash

Wed, 06 Jul 2016 02:56:15 GMT

WOW!! I'm sorry you feel that way. Seems to me that you have an issue with white rappers coming up in Hip Hop. Personally: I have no jealousy or animosity towards "the artists of today". My issue stems from all these fans and people within Hip Hop that artists and fans look up to, stating that certain flows and lyrics "Are the EPITOME of REAL HIP HOP" for the EXACT same reasons that you believe that people like myself are killing Hip Hop. Times HAVE changed, but the values and beliefs that created Hip Hop shouldn't. When there are thousands of artists creating THE EXACT SAME MUSIC, then I believe this to be a problem: Because society then labels that ONE KIND OF STYLE to be the DEFINITION of what Hip Hop is. This creates a sub-conscious bias among fans because the music they are listening to, doesn't emulate the same style that all these new artists are copying. Artists used to care about flowing a message, and about creating awareness for something. Now a days if someone can rhyme words like Dr. Seuss, they get put on XXL. Don't believe that I know what I am talking abo ut, answer me this: When was the last time that most of the new freshman class of XXL were being critiqued for putting out WHACK ASS entries for their XXL Freestyles?

Wed, 06 Jul 2016 05:37:02 GMT

I don't have a problem with white rappers, I have a problem with you and your ideology. Prior aren't making the same music, idiots like you are simply incapable of hearing the difference. You hate on artists better than you and insult them for being more successful than you, but this song is pure garbage. Jealous garbage.

Wed, 06 Jul 2016 16:30:59 GMT

I am actually not hating on ANY rapper (if you LISTEN to the track, I actually state that VERBATIM) I am making a point that A LOT of the same "Prior" artists (that just about everyone here says was their influence into Hip Hop: KRS-One, Professor Griff, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Method Man, Red Man, and the list goes on). Artists of today, HAVE talent. That is why they are getting airplay and added to things like the XXL. But when everyone only raps about bitches, hoes, and all the shit they don't have; These are all the things we all used to BOO when an artist did these things. The track is my perspective of all the same things that the Prior artists are CURRENTLY addressing in Hip Hop. That is why it is called "The CURRENT State of Hip Hop". To me: your comments sound like you are upset because the shoe fits you and you don't know how to handle it. js