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Tue, 20 Dec 2016 13:06:34 GMT

Nice little collab here... Enjoyed it. Here are some thoughts So I found the hook to get a bit grating on the final held word. V1 thought this had a nice autobiographical finish that came across simple and honest V2 they way words form in your mouth. I can't fig it out.. It's your accent typical for your region? No shade just curious Thought you had some good moments... Particularly >How to get famous, man I have to find the answers >Damn I have to practice hard to advance up the rap ladder V3.. I get what you are trying gets but it didn't quite land for me.. But does show a good instinct. Thought you had a nice run commencing with >Don't see the world like I do they don't understand what I make >But for pete's sake it depends on how you cut the cake Thought this faded out a bit oddly All that said props guys