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CA_Renegade's Feedback

Sat, 16 May 2020 06:15:39 GMT

Bro, I will say that I think your voice actually sounds good! A lot better than a ton of people on here and their deliveries. The beat sounds like a straight up DJ Mustard beat through and through not even remotely different sounding. Your flow is off-beat like Blueface. The vocals are drenched in reverb. Lyrically, it's quite hard to grasp what you're really saying. I appreciate you trying to tackle complex concepts, but whatever you were intending on saying flies wayyyyy over my head and I don't really understand a lot of these lyrics even through I've always prided myself on lyricism and listening to conscious rap. Your delivery is your biggest positive, and that's a solid start above a lot of people who are rapping on here like I said. Work on your flows first and foremost, and work on your lyrics too. You've got this bro!