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is it safe to pressure wash my roof?

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 00:42:58 GMT

Just curious, is it safe to pressure wash my roof to clean it?

Sat, 29 Oct 2016 05:33:16 GMT

Hi Joshua, Thank you for your question! We highly recommend avoiding pressure washing your roof whenever possible. It's best to keep on top of the moss using a moss prevention spray. Most manufacturers recommend a bleach water mix, sprayed evenly twice a year to keep moss away. In the event you already have major moss build up, a " low pressure " power wash can be used. It will however reduce the life of the roof as it does contribute to granual loss of the shingle (asphalt shingles). If you have a shake roof, it's necessary to treat the shingles after the roof clean. If a pressure wash is necessary, it's imperative to then stay on top of the moss using the spray method mentioned above to avoid repeating a pressure wash in the future. If the roof is already in bad shape, we suggest spraying the mixture and letting it sit for a few days to kill the moss. We can then come back to gently sweep the moss away. This will take multiple visits but can be a more gentle way to remove moss. Mears Roofing can help you decide what the best option is based on the age of your roof, amount of moss and what your current budget is. Please contact us for a free quote !