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Are SEO mistakes costing you money?

Sat, 22 Nov 2014 06:08:57 GMT

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll want to make sure you do everything possible to increase your search rankings on websites such as Google. The higher you rank in searches, the more people will find your site, and the more people who find your site, the more will call your pay per call company. That’s the fastest way to make some extra money, and it adds up really fast. But are there SEO mistakes you are making that you don’t even realize? According to Business 2 Community, here are a few mistakes you could easily be making. Not knowing your audience This is the biggest mistake made by bloggers. For example, maybe you are a fashion blogger but start writing about politics. It doesn’t matter how interested you are in politics, your readers want nothing more than to read about fashion. That means your bounce rate from your political post will be really high, and people won’t be reading the content. Search engines recognize this as bad content and will reduce your rankings because of it. Regular content Sometimes, you may think you’ll be able to get by with a post once i n a while without having to really put hard work into it. The truth is, Google is going to rank a blog that posts every day, even multiple times a day, way higher than the one that is posted on once every couple of weeks or so. You need to be posting regularly if you want to get any kind of traction. Social sharing buttons One thing we notice a lot with bloggers is that they don’t have social sharing buttons on their site. The biggest problem with this? You will get a lot of SEO increased rankings if you can get your blog to go viral on social media, but people who read the blog may be unwilling to share if it isn’t as easy as clicking a “share” button at the bottom of the article. By installing these buttons, you’re also encouraging more people who wouldn’t normally share to do so, and that helps a ton. If you are making any of these mistakes, you’ll want to update your blog right away. Soon you’ll have a lot more readers, which will mean a lot more people calling your pay per call number and a lot more money coming in. Marketing News brought to you by Source: -01047244 Tags: seo mistakes, seo affiliate mistakes, affiliate marketing mistakes, affiliate advertising, increase blog rankings, get more blog readers