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have questions about your SEO? Ask them here. This is a brand new online

Michael Fleischner
Thu, 08 Aug 2013 17:40:57 GMT

community and I'd love to get your questions, answers, and thoughts on SEO challenges...

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 06:14:05 GMT

I just finished reading your SEO made Simple book and loved it. I immediately moved from page 5 to page 2 after implementing most of the tips in the book. Now I am stuck on page 2 - fluctuating between #14 and #18. Not bad for 2 months, I know, but I'm getting frustrated now. Couple of questions. First, I read in your book if you do a google search for, you will see all of the backlinks; however, when I do that, I get 0 links. If I type links (plural instead of singular), I can see the links. Is this something that Google recently changed? Should it be plural instead of singular now? I know I have links pointing to me, so 0 just doesn't make any sense... Second question, if I had to focus my energy in one area, what would you recommend? I feel like I am all over the place - press releases, link requests, responding to blogs, tweaking my website, writing articles...I'm a small business so I am doing this all myself. Is there one or two are as that you would recommend I focus to get from page 2 to page 1? I just need a little direction here... Thanks in advance and thanks for a great book!