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Calendar Option?

Hilary Rogers
Fri, 27 Aug 2021 16:32:13 GMT

Is there any sort of calendar option in ASM? We are looking for something that would show us when animals have their surgery dates, when they are coming into the shelter from foster care, when they have booster appointments, when medications are due, etc. I'm still very new to ASM but in poking around, I didn't see anything like this off the bat, and wanted to check before recreating it in a different system (like Google calendars) since all the information we would want on it is already contained within ASM. Thanks!

Sat, 28 Aug 2021 08:07:35 GMT

Hi yes, there's a calendar view. I think it's included on the quicklinks bar by default, but it can also be accessed in multiple places, eg: Medical->Medical Calendar, ASM->Diary->Diary Calendar. It has filter boxes at the top to control which items will be shown on the calendar, such as diary reminders, medical treatments and vaccinations, etc.