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A few questions about the duties of the job.

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 21:46:32 GMT

My friend and I are trying to decide on a department to join. I brought up this department and he said all we would do is write parking tickets and check meters. I was wondering what are the duties that we would fulfill if we where to attempt and succeed to join the department.

Recruitment Team
Thu, 01 Feb 2018 22:22:14 GMT

As the Capital City in the State of Utah, we are fortunate to have many different opportunities for officers to do a variety of police functions. We have approx. 770 calls for service per day that our patrol units handle. These vary from minor civil problems to shootings, stabbings, gang activity, traffic accidents, domestic violence calls, etc. All our officers start out in patrol and handle all these types of calls and more. Once you have about 18 months in patrol, you are able to move around to various specialty squads such as Vice, Motors, Robbery, Homicide, Gangs, SWAT, Bikes, Detectives, EOD, K-9, Public Relations, Intelligence, etc. We also have officers that participate on Federal Taskforces, working with DEA, ATF, Homeland Security and FBI. We have the most opportunities in the State of Utah for officers to a variety of jobs. You will never be bored working for SLCPD. Most officers have never even written a parking ticket as Salt Lake City has it's own parking enforcement division which is made up of civilian employees. You are welcome to come ride alo ng with one of our officers to see what it is they do during their shifts as well as see if our department will be a good fit for you and your friend. Please refer to our website for the ride-along form.

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 23:21:24 GMT

Thank you VERY much for all of the information! I will now more than likely be focusing on working for the SLCPD. First, however, I want to serve a two year mission for the LDS Church, so it will be about 2-3 years before I have the chance to apply. Thanks again for all of the information and your time.

Recruitment Team
Thu, 01 Feb 2018 23:25:50 GMT

You are welcome. We look forward to seeing your application after your mission. You’ll need to take the NPOST test before applying and that something you could do now before you leave for your mission as it doesn’t expire.

Sat, 03 Feb 2018 00:38:01 GMT

Okay, will do. Thanks again!