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Using Refinements->Delivery

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 06:50:51 GMT

Day->Get It By Tomorrow causes the results to be (and to stay) greyed out. It looks like the results _are_ changed to reflect the setting, but, while the "Sit tight..." message disappears, they're never fully reactivated afterwards. The other filters work erratically after this - some behave as usual, some do nothing, some show "Sit tight..." and _then_ do nothing. Similarly, entering a new search shows "Sit tight..." as usual, but leaves the same grey results as before. Once selected, "Get it by Tomorrow" can't be deselected except by using the "start over" button. I'm seeing this on Firefox ESR 52.4 x64, and Chrome 64.0 x64 - both on Win 7 x64. It doesn't seem to be particularly search-dependent, either - "usb cable", "book", and "fishing" all work (or fail to work) in the same way ("illicit narcotics", on the other hand, doesn't show the option at all, and "frozen embryo popsicles" just plain hangs on "Sit tight..." - but that may just mean that has a reasonably civilized sense of good taste, or a lack of patience with my increasingly unlikely test searches).

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 13:53:58 GMT

It loads the results fine for me, also on Chrome and Win7. Try Force-Refreshing(CTRL + F5) and seeing if that helps, that's cleared up some bugs for me before.. I do agree that it needs a option to de-select it though.

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 14:04:27 GMT

Thanks for pitching in tielknight. @bats, first of all: funny! Although you are making me a little nervous running these kinds of searches through my site, ha-ha. I think the behavior you are describing has to do with incorrectly handling situations when Amazon returns no results for a given search, which, in turn, is probably caused by the "Get it by tomorrow" filter not working correctly either. This gives me a couple of things to look at, so... Sit tight!

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 15:28:45 GMT

I made some changes, so when you have a moment, try doing a hard reload of the page (Ctrl-F5) and see if it works any better. One thing to note about the Delivery Day filter is that it will use delivery time estimates to the Los Angeles area -- that is where the server on which runs is located. Depending on where you are and what items Amazon has in stock in your local warehouse, these search results may be irrelevant to you, and they will definitely be irrelevant to anyone using from outside the US. For this reason, I am actually considering hiding this filter altogether in order to avoid confusion, but for now it seems to work (or at least it doesn't break the site anymore). Thanks again for reporting this.