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Sun, 12 Mar 2017 10:41:25 GMT

Hello lovelies, any recommendations for a good pair of running gaiters for next year's race please? Jim Tinnion Shouldn't this be on the forum-y thing CW? The best running gaiters for the winter Spine are probably walking gaiters! Seriously I use the inov8 fabric ones when it's well above freezing which keep all the little bits of crap out your shoes, then switch to an old pair of trad walking gaiters in snow / freezing conditions. I froze the fabric ones at Cow Green in 15 and you don't want a ring of ice round your ankles!!! Take it from me. #bruisesjustgone Chris Worton Good point on the forum thing. On phone atm so will post there when I can 😀 Jim TinnionJim Tinnion Mostly in jest, I can't be arsed with Spiny stuff other than on FB! Giles Thurston I used the Montane alpine gaiters for this years Challenger and they were great Chris. More coverage than running gaiters but not as big as traditional walking gaiters. Will definitely be using them for The Spine in 2018! Gwynn Stokes I used dirty girl gaiters just did the job very light weight but they are fabric Pe ter Lowton Heavy duty bin bags held on with elastic bands are the ultimate lightweight ones. They do not retain water when going through the bogs, are lightweight and extremely cheap to replace when you take them off and loose them at the Checkpoints. Chris Worton great info, cheers. I have the inov8 debri gaiters but find mud sneaks up underneath, was wondering if anything fitted tighter. I may cannibalise an old pair of overtrousers and sew a wide strip of material to the top cuff of my shoes to stop any mud that does creep up under the gaiter to then drop down into the shoe and ultimately puncture the waterproof socks. Chris Worton i have penty of time to experiment :-) Gwynn Stokes You could always get Velcro stitched around your shoes like when I did MDS nothing got through 😀 Peter Gold I'm with Giles, I used similar.

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 10:26:17 GMT

The RAB goretex walking gaiters worked for me, esp in the above boot mud/peat scenarios