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Today I received abrupt instructions and information from an unknown place?

Tue, 09 Apr 2019 04:07:59 GMT

So I'm 28 and I need some help understanding this, what it is, where it comes from etc? Sometimes I receive information and messages from somewhere. I don't know where it comes from but I had another strange experience today. Before I explain, I just want to say, after it happened I went in search of a forum for support, because it's very hard trying to discuss this with anyone because most people think I'm being silly and they don't understand. I'm so happy to have found this forum where I can share this. Anyway I was home alone, washing my dishes and a voice said STOP! Get a pen and paper and start writing! A rush of urgency hit me, so I dropped the dished from my hands into the water, ran to grab paper and sat at the table to do automatic writing. A few helpful pieces of advice came to me from somewhere that apply to me specifically but more things happened. I then closed my eyes and a force made me stand up from the table and directed me to walk over into the lounge with my eyes shut. I started to hum one musical note and still with my eyes closed, I smiled as swir ling autumn colours of red, orange and copper appeared before my eyes. They swayed to and fro. My hum turned into the word "fire...fire...fiiire..." and I stuck out my arm and pointed at the moving red hue of colour meandering across my eyes. I could clearly follow the hue's movements with the point of my finger. I thought it was a bit weird, but the voice said "It's ok, it's love". So I smiled some more. My legs felt like jelly and were wobbling and my legs pulled me back to my chair to start writing again with my eyes shut. I started writing and wrote the words "red...orange...hue autumn. Connect to the autumn.." I smiled again, opened my eyes and felt so tired and sleepy suddenly. It was only midday now. I stood up from my chair and with eyes opened now, I tried to get back to the kitchen to finish the dishes. I came to the kitchen door and my legs wouldn't move. NO, a voice said. I replied, WHY? Then the voice continued and the instructions came, "Close your eyes and walk to the end of the hallway to the front door and your answer will be there.." Our hallway is Looong. My hands immediately rose to my face and covered my eyes completely. "I'm scared. Why are you doing this?" I said. The voice replied "It's ok. Remember love. Walk." So I walked slowly down the hall, terrified I would bump into something and injure myself. But I smiled when I remembered love, and the red hues of autumn. I told myself "I can do it I think, I can get to the end of the hall where the front door is and I won't injure myself :)" Just as I told myself that, a green soccer field of grass appeared at either side of the hallway. The hall became like a pathway. This is what I saw with my eyes shut. There seemed to be lots of jargon and mess in the green field, people in the field with confused looks gazing at me. And a few hand-written billboard signs that people were holding on sticks. I started to feel excited like I was proving myself and walking ahead "I can do it. Stare all you want, watch me I'll get there." Fear kicked in again and I heard a voice say "LOVE." So I smiled again, then I gasped! Something lightly brushed the end of my nose. My hands pulled away from my face and as I opened my eyes I could see I was now standing square in front of the front door at the end of the hall. "Ok what now? What's THAT supposed to tell me?" There was silence. Then I heard "Trust yourself to see. You don't need eyes when you know. Knowing IS seeing."

Wed, 10 Apr 2019 07:07:07 GMT

Wow that's briliant! What a lovely experience 🙂. I love that phrase; "Red, Orange, Hue" 💕. I've experienced similar (so don't think your crazy because you're not!) This is happening more and more around the globe! I think it's got something to do with the shift in dimensions that's going on. This is kind of unrelated but you know how people for decades have been predicting 'smellavision' they implied that the tv would be interactive, but I think it's going to come from us like synasthisa. I've experienced it now on a few occasions; smelling what's on the tv 🙂

Nicky Sutton
Mon, 22 Apr 2019 12:44:03 GMT

Perhaps thinking about why you felt led to the front door. Is there somewhere to go? Some experience to be had 'out there' and then linking that to the feeling of love and the pleasant colors. Encouragement and reassurance maybe, about something or some experience out in the world? ❤️💕

Sun, 16 Jun 2019 09:29:52 GMT

I love your experience. Keep us posted.

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 00:54:25 GMT

Thanks for the support, emmaclaire1991 that is interesting to hear you've had something similar happen! It is June now, and I haven't had a similar experience to this since when I first posted. I'm keen to hear what other things people have seen

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 01:00:14 GMT

Thanks for that advice Nicky, I will have a think. It may be some message about how at the beginning of the year I decided to leave the 9am-5pm rat race and try and work from home. I started to feel trapped, disconnected and deeply unhappy in the 9-5 world. I have done it for 10 years and I felt disconnected to who I was. I didn't think of the door leading somewhere. I've always wanted to help the poor and the homeless, to help communities in need. I feel a lot of warmth and love when I think about working with these people. This is the only thing I see when I think of working in the outside world again