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Lights flickering.

Tue, 30 Jul 2019 00:41:27 GMT

I have watched the video on lights flickering 3 times. I understand the explanation is prana energy. I know that I am on the journey of spiritual awakening. I have been catapulted into this experience, having no idea such thing existed. I'm through my stage of being freaked out and confused, and feeling and acting absolutely crazy. In other words, I would say I'm regulated for now. What sent me on this journey is, I've been studying the LOA for over a year, completely all in. Then, my father died. I went through a traumatic situation with trying to save him, while mothering my toddler, engulfed with 2 negative toxic people constantly judging me. It was overwhelming and soul stretching. Though, after his death, I really became closer to source, actually feeling the Universe, getting huge amounts of feelings and information. I felt raised up above all of the people surrounding me, with my 3rd eye. That was also extreme. The lights flickering and electric started happening before I had a grip. I was literally tripping out. But nobody could really tell. I kept it all to my self. The first incident was with everyone. Noone in the house could deny it. I was upstairs in the bedroom with my daughter, and the TV, and the air conditioner, shut off. And my childs father, and son we're in the living room, and he yells upstairs that the electric in the living room, wasn't working. I went downstairs and pushed on the receptical, and it turned on. A few nights later, I went downstairs into the kitchen, where the washer and dryer is, and next thing I know, there's a huge snap and a bright burst of light came out of the back of the washer. I was the only one who seen it, and it scared me. I told my child's dad. I said we aren't using the washer. Then, about only an hour later, I come down again, and then, a big snap happens and a burst of light comes from the back of the dryer! And again, it's only me seeing this. That night, I was up all night, had my bags packed in case of a fire. ( Another thing, is many many times, on different occasions, I have come downstairs into the kitchen, on the digital clock will read all repeating numbers, very often. I would be completely freaked out.) And that night of the washer and dryer, I was scared of a house fire, so I decided to meditate to get answers, I only meditated for 5 minutes, and got up because of the overwhelming fear I had. I was out of control. And then when everyone was asleep, I received a feeling, and was told that everything is okay. And I rested on that, and it is true. Everything is okay. Also that night, every video I clicked, it was like every person was looking me in the eyes, saying exactly how I was feeling. (Every. Single. One. Different people! All. Night. Long. Until. Dawn!) (I've had a lot of a sleepless, weird nights.) Continuing, everywhere I go, the lamp I'm around will dim and go bright a few times. And then it will be normal. It happened with a light above me in my friends woodshop, (her address is 444 by the way.) 2 days ago, it happened with my fishtank, the light was off, but the pump was on, which I found odd because I leave it on, so I reach to turn it on, and while my hand was over it, it turned on, without me hitting the button, and as I stood in the room it was flickering, then went normal. I was sitting in a room alone, with the fan on, and lamp. the lamp flickered. then both shut off at the same time, then turned on. It's been happening alot, and what has caused me to post this, is it literally just happened as I'm laying on my bed, with a lamp on the shelf. It was flickering!! And there's no other sources to find out more. I used to be very afraid yet interested in the paranormal, and back then, I might've been scared, but strangely I'm not. I have no scared feeling, only curious. What is really my question is, years ago, I told my dad, that when he passed, to mess with the electric, that way I know it was him. And I mentioned it again, when he was dieing. And now he is actually dead, and the electric is undeniably going haywire around me. I'm on my journey, but I'm going haywire myself here. I just tried to deliberately make the lamp flicker and it doesn't. It appears to be out of my control. And I haven't exactly been the most positive light at times. So I'm just not sure. Can anyone shed some light? (No pun intended) 😆