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The world didnt end and I'm still here

Wed, 06 Mar 2019 18:17:57 GMT

🥀 Sometimes the dark thoughts chirp away. They convince me that everything is falling apart. 🌩 🌩 🐜 They say that the intensity of emotions I'm feeling is because I cannot cope and because life will never be the same. Sometimes after a bad episode I come out with new insights, new ideas, new perspectives. However the actual process isn't fun at all. It is almost as if I was coming apart at the seams from the inside. Like my whole being was being dissected but there's nobody around to catch me. I gleam around for any safety zones I could enter, any safe actions or a safety net. Anything. There is none. Just a mish mash of anger, fear, sadness and wanting to do something stupid or risky that I know from past attempts will never really reach a desirable end. I just wish the cycle itself didn't exist. I've been told that my mental and emotional defects will subside at the age of 35. That is a long time to wait for mental stability. I just want to be able to sit and enjoy being me regardless and have faith that even when it feels like the world will end.. It doesn't mean it will 🐦 🌍

Sun, 16 Jun 2019 09:41:59 GMT

Agree'd. Our Awakening has ... Idk...I'm the only one that I know in person. I feel ... Sad like I've outgrown this world. But I'm still trying because Im still here. I'll make the best of it . Hugs.