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Anyone else here awaken from a strict christian background ?

Wed, 10 Apr 2019 16:10:18 GMT

I did, and my family are still Christian. It's like I'm living in a totally different world. Only I went through this transformation out of the people I know that still attend the church I used to. I had to do a lot of research though, before being OK with it all.

Nicky Sutton
Sun, 14 Apr 2019 22:37:05 GMT

I have had many clients from a Christian background, and I know it can be hard. It's not just a case of family perceiving you as changing and perhaps acting strangely, they also may believe you are becoming wrapped up in something demonic oftentimes. Remember they are good people, just believing what they believe, they see things in a way which can be especially hard on you. Stay strong on your own path, they may see that you are the same wonderful person and begin to accept things more and more. Love and kindness will win through. Make extra effort to make sure you are emotionally well and seek out those who you can relate to talk to. This is a challenge your soul has for you, and you can move through this with peace and love in your heart, and be proud of yourself. Sending lots of love.

Tue, 16 Apr 2019 11:21:02 GMT

They are my biological family , and whether they caused me to develop clinical anxiety and depression or not I chose them to have my human experience in this life. I feel as though I am still going through my karma by meeting and being around people that I have baggage with, whether friends or romantic relationships, and not the type of bagagge that sounds romanticized like we're meant for each other but damaged sort of baggage. It's irritating and soul destroying so I'd had to let them go. The great thing is I'm free, however I have *NO* idea where to find people like me. Yeah you are right though i *do* DEFINITELY need like minded people just have no idea where to find them...(outside the internet of course ) I try to be proud of myself every day....key word--> "try" XD Thanks for all that you're doing Nicky you're really helping a lot of us very different unique people who are trying to figure ourselves out