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Depression after awakening

Fri, 07 Jun 2019 20:31:01 GMT

Hi, I feel very depressed because I find it difficult to get back to the worldly routine now that I know it's all just an illusion. I cannot bring myself to do the typical 9 to 5 job and I feel really depressed. How do I function in an illusion when I don't feel like doing illusionary things anymore?

Sun, 16 Jun 2019 09:20:04 GMT

Yes, I understand. I'm pretty ready to move out of this dimension and into a higher one. Just taking it one day at a time.

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 06:48:38 GMT

@hari12 I understand. x I believe a really useful way to cope is acceptance. Accepting that this is the reality we live in. Your eyes are open to many illusions but yet again there is still truth around us as well it depends on what you choose to perceive. Living most closely to the truth and authenticity that suits you best is a good place to begin. Try to remember that when there is negative there is also a polarised positive. Find things that suit your new way as best you can. Everything is a process, it will take time but good things take time as well :) Have faith and stay as centred as you can perhaps you can call on your angels or guides or whatever suits you. Take the steps to finding your way back into society and take as long as you need as everything happens in divine timing. Trust in the universe but remember you have the power to create your own reality as you wish. God Bless and Love and Light :) GOODLUCK!

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 05:04:17 GMT

I understand too. I work as a paralegal and was so depressed coming to work. I suddenly found my environment to be very negative and unbearable. It was a struggle to even get up in the morning to come to a job I was never passionate about, rather, numbed by the monotony of the work I was doing and had been doing for four years. I quit and realized I couldn't support myself after taking time off and going back to school to work on my Bachelors degree. I ended up having to return back to being a paralegal, only this time I adjusted the terms of my employment to make it more bearable while I continue to work on cultivating the "work" I want to be doing. I negotiated my salary in my interview and ended up getting paid $5 more an hour at my new job along with working from 9 to 3 instead of 5. I also keep my headphones on and listen to my music during the work day. I recently started keeping peppermint oil too at my desk because the return to this work triggered my aura migraines which had gone into remission after quitting the first paralegal job. I know this is not wha t I am meant to be doing but I have been able to take positives from it. I am much more independent now and I have no fear about negotiating my salary/worth and have learned to set healthy boundaries between co-workers, where before I was constantly being taken advantage of. I think it is important to try and find lessons/positives in situations such as going to a soul-sucking job. It only makes you stronger and when you are ready to leave that job to do what it is you are passionate about, the transition will be even more rewarding because you have learned & grown along the way. I still have days where it is a struggle to get to my job, but I remind myself it's just a job. It is only a waste of my time if I do not take anything positive from it. I also remind myself it isn't permanent - just a temporary stepping stone to get to where I want to be. And where I want to be has nothing to do with law, but with owning my own business. However, being around law has taught me a lot and I feel confident for when I do become a business owner, as I will be able to navigate independently in the business world as well as the non-profit world using tools I have learned for interpreting the law- regionally, state and federally. I hope this helps- believe me, I understand what you are going through. Try your best to be positive and to make your job into something that has things you look forward to coming to, such as peppermint oil on your desk, or your favorite tea on hand. Bring a book you look forward to reading/learning from on your lunch break. Connect with people you work with and learn from them.