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Offering a pointing, not teaching

Tue, 16 Jul 2019 19:07:45 GMT

To begin, there is no beginning or for that fact no end. There IS what IS and this IS. . In this moment of each breath you take, not knowing this will be your last or not, you have the this strong inner desire to complete something incomprehensible. Your mind can not wrap around this infinite task, for this is beyond our simple ego. So you sit down or lay down without going to sleep, and forget everything. The stillness swallows you up till their is no identification left over. Yet, there IS still being. This subtle quiet consciousness, that is behind everything. You realize this what ever it is, has always been, and will always be. Though it is formless, there is this unchanging feeling you are sensing. The more you let go of any thoughts, feelings or matters of the physical world, the more you realize that this state, if you can call it a state, is more real than personhood. Yet, your mind can not identify with what is being intuitively understood, in fact the mind will rebuke this condition, and try to convince you that this is boring and useless. The truth, t he mind is afraid of this truth, as it IS the very truth of being. Which is the incomprehensible purpose that has been right here all along. You see this formless consciousness, that can not be identified, was never born, or can not die. It does not get angry, or can ever be judgmental. It is calm, peaceful, quite beautiful and joyful.. Yet, we can never know what it IS, but YOU know it is, because you are experiencing this first hand. The real awakening, IS realizing that "this what is" can only be YOU, for truth can only recognize truth. stevencrg88@gmail.com .